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Breathlessness - post IUI - symptom of pregnancy or SE?

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goldbyron Thu 07-Mar-13 13:37:05


I am 7 days post my first IUI and I have been experiencing a shortness of breathe for a few days. I am of normal weight and usually run up to four times per week so consider myself relatively fit although I do have asthma (controlled). I first noticed it when I actually had palpitations running up a steep hill on the weekend but I put this down to being a bit unfit as I hadn't run for a week. However I have found myself getting a bit out of breathe walking to the shops or station this week. I wasn't walking particulary fast and this isn't normal for me unless I have a bad cold when it usually goes to my chest affecting my asthma etc. Otherwise I feel fine (apart from a very weird and short stabbing pain in my lower back this morning).

Obviously I am trying not to read too much into this as it could just be a SE of the trigger shot still - I read somewhere your levels can be affected for up to ten days post trigger. However this is very unusual for me to feel like this and I was wondering whether it would be possible for this to show as an indicator of pregnancy only one week after IUI??

Thank you for any insight....

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