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Clomid even though you can ovulate on your own.

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DeMaz Wed 27-Feb-13 09:56:55

Hi there,

Is anyone here on Clomid even though you can ovulate every month no problem? If so, for what reason were you prescribed it for?
Just want to find out if after a year plus, I can be given this......

Thanks a million.

MurderOfProse Wed 27-Feb-13 19:53:33

Years ago a consultant offered it to me saying it would make my ovulation stronger and improve the quality of my eggs.

I have no idea whether he was right or not as although he was a fab laparoscopic surgeon, he didn't seem hugely clued up on other things. I was lucky enough to conceive DC2 just before the appointment to get the Clomid.

twelvetimestable Wed 27-Feb-13 20:17:57

I didn't ovulate for several years and had investigations though there was no firm diagnosis. After numerous failed fertility treatments I took a year or so off and began ovulating on my own (although slightly irregularly) and the fertility clinic then prescribed clomid as they thought it might help. They didn't really elaborate on how it might help, but DC1 was conceived with my first cycle. I'm currently pregnant with DC2, conceived without treatment.

It's certainly worth asking. Do you have a referral to a clinic?

DeMaz Thu 28-Feb-13 11:03:33

Hi ladies and thanks so much for your responses.

Murderofprose, this is what I thought. I have read that it can make ovulation stronger and more regular as I actually ovulate quite late into my cycle and then start spotting 9 days later.

Twelvetimestable, that's fab news that you conceived DC1 on the first cycle of clomid but even better that you managed to conceive the 2nd one naturally. I'm actually going private at the end of this month if I do not have any luck getting pregnant this month so I will mention it then.

I do ovulate and my blood results were good but I think I just need a push.

Thanks for your help girls


rainbowbreeze Mon 11-Mar-13 16:02:54

I was prescribed clomid even thought tests have shown I ovulate naturally. I was told it would give me a 'boost' and it seemed like the next step they take for fertility problems..

Im on cycle 5 of 6 and so far no BFP. Still 2 to go tho ive not lost hope yet ! smile

rachie12 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:21:42

Hi all, i was given clomid to boost my ovulation even though i ovulated every month anyway, i was on it for a year and it did nothing for me other than give me ovulation pain and ive now been off it for 6 months and i still get the pain so it didnt work for me and i would never take it again but everyone is different. Good luck to you all x

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