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Hsg on Friday - need advice on practicalities and emotional preparation

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elarge82 Wed 19-Jun-13 16:40:11

Hi First time on here today. I am having hsg tomorrow and im really nervous about what they will find. I have been ttc for 2yrs, have had loads of tests done and my husbands sperm is fine, so very pleased about that. My tests came back fine apart from AMH level put me in the low category, bit worried about this as it can mean my egg reserve is running out. Has anyone else had a test for AMH? Glad I found this thread as you have all put me at ease for tomorrow.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 01-Mar-13 14:38:08

Hey berries only just seen this but I'm glad your tube is clear! smile

goldbyron Fri 01-Mar-13 13:02:01

Good to hear...all the best for the rest of your treatment.

iloveberries Fri 01-Mar-13 12:22:31

Thanks all, the one tube i have is clear and normal. I'm delighted. Burst into tears on the table.

2 Painkillers before and it was just uncomfortable rather than painful.

Thanks so much for all the tips.

iloveberries Wed 27-Feb-13 11:17:36

Thanks everyone for your advice and positive stories. Fingers crossed and legs open I guess then..... blush

Andcake Wed 27-Feb-13 11:04:34

I was shaking with fear but again it was uncomfortable rather than painful. I had to go on my own as well. I ended up just going fora calming cup of tea and cake afterwards and was back in the office afterwards. Seeing the test results straight away was great.

blargl Tue 26-Feb-13 20:39:16

hi there. I am in a very similar situation to you. I had an ectopic in November and after the op the surgeon said that I should have an hsg to check the remaining tube as it was slightly clubbed at the fimbrial ends. of course this made me so so anxious.

it was taking a long time to make any progress with the referral on the nhs and so I paid to have the hsg test done privately last week. I was unbelievably scared the day before as I thought this could be it for conceiving naturally.

I took an ibuprofen before it. the worst thing was definitely the worry - the test itself was a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable but not painful. yes you can feel the speculum throughout but it wasn't sore.

the best thing was seeing the results straight away. The radiologist showed me the dye going through and I could see the tube was clear. the relief I felt was unreal. I have a follow up with the consultant on Friday and I am hoping he will say that's great, off you go and try again. my husband was too worried to try again before the hsg as he was scared of another ectopic.

I hope yours goes well - I would say try not to stress about it but that is easier said than done! smile

TheHappyCamper Tue 26-Feb-13 19:20:03

Please try not to worry. I had one last year and I was SO nervous. Physically shaking when I went in. I took 2 neurofen about half an hour before and didn't feel a thing. The Dr even asked me if I was sure it didn't hurt. I never had antibiotics suppository after though!

My DH was made to wait outside so you might want to prepare yourself to go in alone.

I took my own sanitary towel to catch the gloop as I wasn't sure if their's would be ok!

Oh, and I was glad I took the whole day off work as I was quite teary and emotional afterwards, more in terms of relief that it was over than anything!

The Dr showed me the screen while the dye went in so I could clearly see it going through the tubes. It helped not having to wait for the results.

Good luck. I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as bad as you fear x

goldbyron Tue 26-Feb-13 19:10:39

I am a real wimp when it comes to even a smear test so believe me when I say don't worry too much. Yes it is uncomfortable but the worst bit for me was the speculum being inserted which is pretty the same as a smear test. The insertion of the tube was no big deal and the ink goes in really quickly. It does cramp when the ink goes in but as soon as it does you will know it is finished.
If you feel better pop a painkiller beforehand but after the procedure I wasn't really in any discomfort. I did get a urinary tract infection however some antibiotics from the GP sorted this out. I hear some clinics as poster above says give you an anti biotic afterwards as procedure.
The Dr did indicate to me that everything was fine from the immediate X-ray but they probably do need to examine it properly.
Rest up for the rest of the day as I did feel tired afterwards.
Please don't worry too much, it really is similar to a smear with an added element of the ink. It will not last more than ten minutes all in all.

DazedAndVeryConfused Tue 26-Feb-13 17:29:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iloveberries Tue 26-Feb-13 14:17:14

Excuse the fact i am posting in infertility and conception.

Hi there, been ttc #2 for 20months.had an ectopic followed by male factors and haven't conceived since ectopic a yr ago.

Am having hsg on Friday to check remaining tube and am looking for some advice...

1. I have heard it is really painful. Any tips on pain management?
2. I have appt in may with consultant to talk about the results but will I be able to see the results before that? Ie. will they be on a screen? I can't bear the thought of waiting 3 months to find out whether I will have to go through IVF for another baby.
3. any other tips? Practical or emotional? I've heard things are sore for a while after... Dh will be with me so I won't have to worry about driving.

Thanks in advance

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