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Timeline for Frozen embryo transfer following mild/moderate OHSS

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comberbird Mon 25-Feb-13 11:04:48

Hello again ladies
So I had my egg collection ten days ago now and as suspected developed mild-moderate OHSS so embyros frozen. I gained about 8lbs of fluid last week and almost all of it has gone now and I am feeling a lot better in myself [except very hormonal and very very angry!]. I am now trying to figure out when I can put the embyros back. My clinic which continues to disappoint me profoundly again seems to have given me inaccurate information. They said I had to wait two cycles - so as far as I am concerned this means i can have the embryos put back around the mid point of my third cycle from now - so mid April. But No they are talking about down regulation again in the the third cycle with embryos going back in the fourth. To say I am annoyed about this is an understatement [as I already missed out on IVF at christmas as they gave me the wrong instructions and I down regulated for too long and so they could not do egg transfer before they closed for christmas]. So now that I have ranted

1. Is there anyone out there who in the same boat as me with some OHSS managed to have a FET in mid third cycle
2. Are their risks of doing this 'one month early' - my hormone levels were highish but not off the scale last week and my ovaries apparently werent very large even though I produced 27 eggs. I assume they are worried about OHSS recurring even in a few months time
3. Is it just my clinic that is this crap - incorrect information, I think an inadequate amount of care when it was patently clear from my first scan that I would overreact to the medication and I think the clinic didn't react fast enough and general poor information. [I asked when I could exercise again post OHSS and they said mid last week - I could barely walk at that point let alone run round the park]
4. Is is possible to actual have the FET done somewhere else as I have had it with my DR!

thanks C

Littleerin113 Mon 25-Feb-13 11:21:24

Wow sounds like you have had a ruff time am also trying for baby but story no where near yours I have already got three have pcos told at 19 may struggle to become pregnant but never happened till now been trying for over a year now with nothing but miracles do always happen and sure they will for you to

freelancescientist Mon 25-Feb-13 21:32:28

We advise you to start an FER cycle with your 3rd period (so yes with downregulation this would mean having the replacement midway through cycle 4 ). This seems fairly standard. Cycle 1 is the period at the end of your stimulation (so more of a withdrawal bleed really), cycle 2 may be earlier or later than you expect as your body will still be getting back into its normal rhythm after the superovulation, then cycle 3 is when all is back to normal.
This is the same whether or not you have had OHSS - but once you start on the FERs (if you need more than 1) you don't need to wait between cycles as your ovaries aren't stimulated.
If you have paid privately you can have your FER wherever you like and the embryos can be moved (but this will cost you). If you are NHS then you can pay a private unit for an FER but it is unlikely your PCT will allow you to have an NHS cycle elsewhere as the cost is built in to the money they have already paid to your original unit. However this won't get you your FER any earlier (in fact it will probably delay things as the paperwork involved in moving embryos is a drag).

Siri1 Wed 13-Mar-13 13:41:05

It can be worth waiting rather than trying to get it done ASAP. I overstimulated most times (5 tries at Ivf) but ended up having blastocyst or embryo transfers after collection as I didn't progress to OHSS. It didn't work for me. I did get pregnant after using some frozen embryos about 6 months after an ivf. I M/Cd early BUT we tried again with frozen embryos from the same batch 6 months after that & I'm expecting in early June smile so for us patience worked! Hope u feeling less angry & that it all pans out for you. Xx

Siri1 Wed 13-Mar-13 13:43:58

Forgot to say, embryos were transferred to a different ivf clinic as we'd moved in the interim. I have a number of a specialist company if you do decide to switch clinics BUT it took a month or so to sort out because of the very strict paperwork. We also had assisted hatching which may have helped in our case.

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