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High prolactin

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squirral Sat 23-Feb-13 19:13:13

So I recently failed to get an MRI done, I found myself in tears and unable to go through with it. Totally unexpected and now I am lost. I needed the MRI to rule out a tumor that may be causing my raised prolactin levels which are stopping me from conceiving (Dr's think). My family are unaware of how upset I am, I'm close to tears a lot of the time. I'm 35 and feel I have thrown away any chance of conceiving by failing with the MRI.

Lucylilac Sun 24-Feb-13 00:44:50

Was it the thought of being trapped? I had terrible anxiety when I had my MRI, but just managed to survive it with my husband being allowed to sit beside the scanner. I've since found out that there are open MRI scanners, but I don't know how accessible they are to the nhs. May be worth looking into though. Good luck!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 17:47:38

Have you considers asking if you can have anti-anxiety medication prior to the scan so you can go through with it? Your GP should be able to prescribe a one-off dose. High anxiety can come hand in hand with high prolactin levels.

What were your prolactin levels like? DH's were about 3000, a strong indicator of a growth. He had the MRI and they found a growth. He started on medication, within a few months of taking it his sperm count was within normal ranges and I got pregnant 8 months after he started his treatment (just to encourage you that is is treatable and can result in a positive outcome!).

Cookiepants Tue 26-Feb-13 11:17:08

Hi Squirral
Sorry you were so frightened going for the MRI. It would definitely be worth asking for an anti anxiety pre-med or going to look round the scanner / lie on the table as a practice before your scan. On another note my endocrinologist started my treatment before my MRI as he said regardless of cause (stress/PCOS/tumour ) the treatment for raised prolactin is the same. I started the treatment and fell pg within 2 weeks! Going for my dating scan tomorrow ! This was after many monthes of anxiety, first not getting menstrual cycles and pg and the thinking I may have a tumour. Good luck with your treatment and PM me if you need to ask anything . There are quite a few of us on here and I found everyone v. Supportive after my first post. X

squirral Fri 01-Mar-13 21:23:30

Cookiepants thankyou for your message, really filled me with hope.

londongirl2 Sun 03-Mar-13 23:59:16


I had to have an MRI in August to rule out a high Prolactin level (950 and 850). Strangely, I didn't mind the actual MRI, in fact I found the noises quite relaxing and tried very hard not to think about the results, which were fortunately fine. I think it helped that I didn't tell my family - I figured what they didn't know... Once a tumour was ruled out, I had to take Bromocriptine.

I'm quite sure that it's contributing to my trouble conceiving no. 2.


squirral Sat 09-Mar-13 11:50:25

My Dr is referring me to a consultant and I am hoping he will prescribe bromocriptine without MRI. Hopefully it will be sorted soon as I can't stand all the Facebook posts from happy couples announcing yet another pregnancy. I know it's wrong but I feel like such a failure. I struggled so much when my son was young and didn't really enjoy much until he sleeping through which started when he was roughly 4 1/2 (I feel like a failure for that as well, everyone else's children slept through sooooo early). I want to give him a sibling and to care for a baby in normal way enjoying it and coping.

TheFalconsmistress Sat 16-Mar-13 20:06:07

Just thought I would say I have had very high levels of prolactin, however I manged to conceive in jan and am now 12 weeks dont give up xxxx

ShesAStar Wed 20-Mar-13 12:05:53

Hi Squirral

I had a high prolactin level and I know having an MRI can be a bit odd and scary but I think it's important you have one because they discovered I had a tumour pressing against my pituitary glad which was making my body produce too much prolactin. You can ask them to put music through your headphones or the radio - this can take your mind off of it and also you are armed with an alarm button that you can press at anytime to make them bring you out if you are suffering in any way. I now have two children after taking medication to shrink the tumour. All seems to be okay now.

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