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IVF - egg collection tomorrow but lots of follicles - concerned abt OHSS

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Kafri Tue 19-Feb-13 05:09:17

like a pp said - more eggs means you may be able to get some/more to blastocyst stage.

one of my little blasts is sleepubg right next to me as I type albeit on his front on a cushion as its the only way the little monkey will sleep (which is why I'm not tucked up sleeping soundly myself)

freelancescientist Thu 14-Feb-13 18:20:56

Please don't worry if you need to have all your embryos frozen - it really will be for the best if that is what the clinic decide. As well as the risks of escalating hormone levels if you get pregnant, there are some thoughts that if you have overstimulated it can affect the womb lining's receptivity.
Our patients who have freeze alls for OHSS prevention do really well after frozen replacement.
Make sure you drink plenty of fluid after your egg recovery - and not clear fluids but things with protein in - milkshakes, soups etc.
Hope all goes well with everything.

comberbird Thu 14-Feb-13 15:24:41

thank you ladies - you are fabulous. So many scare stories out there and not enough good ones like yours ...Fingers crossed the little blighters are top notch. My hormone levels are not off the scale so maybe things might be ok and while i can feel a dull ache where my ovaries ought to be its nothing too sore! Everything crossed for tomorrow x.

DelGirl Thu 14-Feb-13 14:44:21

omg you poor thing, you must be sore. Good luck for collection tomorrow and for the ivf and 2 week wait. I am pretty certain my sil had 27 and was fine. I on the other hand and more drugs than her and produced a handfull, not literally you understand, just less than 5!

jennybeadle Thu 14-Feb-13 14:37:43

Wow, 30 is a lot! I think. I had, I seem to remember 18 or 19. It was almost 14 years ago, so I'm a bit hazy now. It was very uncomfortable for a few days, but I was glad that it meant that I could put some in the freezer, because for me, the egg harvest was very painful (I think they do it differently now, or at least give you some pain relief!).

DD1 is 13, and gorgeous. I think they're very good at managing OHSS now, and even that long ago, were really good at checking up. I seem to remember sudden weight gain (like overnight) and swelling were the things to look for.

galwaygirl Thu 14-Feb-13 14:27:46

Frozen embryos aren't necessarily less successful then fresh and some people think it's better as you can have a natural cycle and not be full of drugs. If you have loads of eggs hopefully you can go to blast and h e a good few to freeze as success with blasts is way higher.
I am currently pregnant after a single frozen blast transfer. It was my first FET after a successful fresh cycle in which I developed mild OHSS and I've found it easier to not have all the drugs in my system this time.
While it could be really annoying and upsetting to have to wait a cycle to let your ovaries calm down overall I'd prefer that and loads of eggs than having a small few eggs xx

worldgonecrazy Thu 14-Feb-13 14:22:25

I was borderline OHSS for all three of my IVF attempts. One time my ovaries were so swollen they were touching - OWWWW!!!

But the good news is that after egg collection they go down pretty quickly.

Also, the good news is that more eggs = more chances of getting embryos, and more embryos means that you may even decide it worth the risk of going to blastocyst stage if your clinic can do this. I'm presuming you're doing ICSI which gives a really good chance of high levels of fertilisation.

I never heard anything about more eggs = lower quality eggs. They are what they are. My last go was 19 eggs, 16 fertilised, 4 made it to blastocyst, 2 put back in. Lost a twin at 10 weeks but the other egg turned into a bouncing and energetic 3 year old.

Good luck - I really hope that it works for you and you get your miracle baby.

comberbird Thu 14-Feb-13 14:06:26

Hello ladies
I am sitting here brewing an awful lot of follicles and due for egg collection tmw. It has been clear along I would produce lots of eggs asAMH levels are very good for my age but now the DR is worried as he can't count them all but guesses close to 30 follies... [sorry to those who only have a few] but I am now worried about all kinds of things - worried they will be poor quality eggs, there is a strong chance I will have to have any embryos frozen, worried this lowers success and worried about getting OHSS. I have tried to be so positive throughout this process and just cracked yesterday - we have male factor issues which I assumed would be totally overcome by the process and didn't expect my unexpectedly youthful ovaries to pose a problem!

I am looking for reassurance from you lovely ladies and any positive stories of ladies with lots of eggs who manage to get themselves up the duff and not get OHSS!!!

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