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HSG Results..a bit confused

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MrsTrump Mon 04-Feb-13 11:42:33

Hello, I have posted once or twice here but am a long time lurker..basically we’ve been ttc for approx 18 months, I’ve been to see my doc who did the usual bloods etc and he referred me and DH to gyne. We had our initial meeting and the gyne set up an ultrasound and hsg for me and SA for my DH. I had my hsg last week (procedure v straightforward and not too painful for anyone wondering as I was dreading it). The hsg showed that my right tube has scarring on it and the dye failed to empty, I had to get up and walk around, dance etc to see if it would empty but it didn’t. So basically he said to me that I have a healthy left tube and a healthy looking womb but if I manage to get pregnant (which I never have) then I would need to go to early preg unit to check which tube I’ve become pregnant in as pregnancy in the damaged tube would result in ectopic. I realise that the chances of getting pregnant in that tube are very slim but does that mean that if I do get preg in that tube I will definitely miscarry? Would I not be better to get the tube removed?
Thanks for getting this far, I realise I really need to wait for my follow up with the gyne but have to wait til the end of Feb for that..

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