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High court ruling donor dads can see and help with upbringing of children

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Kerrigan90 Fri 01-Feb-13 08:44:00

Seen this in daily mail news ethos morning so sure theres more to it but as someone who has the option of donor eggs if I want a baby this story is worrying! Has anybody else seen it?? x

Kerrigan90 Fri 01-Feb-13 09:06:17

Sorry DH just read article through non-panicking eyes! Seems it was all informal agreement between the couple and the sperm donor with no agreements etc. Hope not panicked anyone! Still hope it doesn't lead to less rights for parents bringing up their children with prior assistance of a donor!x

expansivegirth Fri 01-Feb-13 20:34:03

The story refers to agreements with a known donor and the visiting rights are based partly on the fact that the donor/father had some involvement in the children's life at an early age. It does not apply to people who use anonymous donors through a sperm/egg bank, nor does it apply (I don't think) to anyone who anonymises the known donor by having them register as a donor via a bank and being inseminated this way.
Here is a link with more information:
FWIW: I believe a child SHOULD have access to knowledge of the donor. The people raising the children are the parents, but the biological father or mother is the biological father or mother, even if the parents raising it wish it were not the case. There is so much evidence of genetic bewilderment from children who are cut off from ever knowing the identity (although under UK law children are entitled to know the id of donors from the age of 18). But knowing an ID is not the same as a court granting visiting rights and early recognition of parenthood.

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