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Clomid and tamoxifen

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Nuttierthanever Thu 24-Jan-13 18:09:25

Hi everyone

I'm new here, so hope I'm posting correctly and in the right place!

A little about me.....

Im 35 and husband is 34, we have been trying for almost two years. After two early miscarriages we decided to get things checked out. I'm fine but hubby has low sperm count and a varicocele. We are currently seeing a fertility specialist who has told us that the only likely way we will conceive is through IVF. Unfortunately, this is not an option as I already have a son so we will not receive funding.
As we cant afford it he as suggested that we try clomid for me and tamoxifen for husband. Has anyone heard of this combination before? Success stories? I'm anxious for any information as Dr. didn't seem positive about it all.

could anyone offer me any insight or suggest a place to post, I'd be so grateful.

Thanks so much for reading!

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