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Short Luteal Phase...Going a bit nuts and nobody believes that I have an issue

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QuietNinjaTardis Tue 12-Feb-13 14:58:33

I have a question. Just read the soy for dummies and it says not to take it if you're ovulating. So if you have a short luteal phase but you are ovulating then you can't take it, so how does that help? Genuine question not being snarky.

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 12-Feb-13 14:49:34

DeMaz, I bought the Tesco ones as I couldn't face forking out £££ for months on end.

Babycentre is fab for all the soy info;
Soy for dummies has all the info you'll need.
Long old list of those who've had Soy bfps]]

Fertilityfriend (if you're not already on it) is my preferred website for tracking as you can edit/add as much as you want, you get VIP membership free for 30 days, which is useful as it gives you access to search charts of other ladies with SLP.

Good luck xx

DeMaz Mon 11-Feb-13 17:56:55

Hi ladies,

Apologies for my delayed reply. I completely forgot about it. Thanks soooo much for taking the trouble to reply and for all your kind words. I have already started taking B6 -100mg, Coq10 and Pregnacare. I am going to take some Soy too. Can I just ask what Soy I should go for please?
Also, to answer some of the questions....

Clickingtock, thanks for the advise on Acupuncture. I was chatting to hubby about it very recently so may give it a try. My periods are pretty regular. Just a very short LP.

Andcake, thanks so much for the reassurance. I hope my B6 from H&B will do the trick.

MKmamma, I stopped breastfeeding April 2012 after one year but my periods went back to normal 6 months into it.

Thanks forgottenpassword. I've only heard great things about accupunture.

Phoenixfox, if someone tells me to read one more time, I think I may swing for them. Thanks for telling me only good things about Soy and its great to know it helped you conceive.

Thanks Dexidoo. Many congratulations. I am so happy it worked for you hon.

GaryBuseysTeeth, thanks so much and so sorry you had a miscarriage. Really glad the vits worked for you too.

HelenofSparta, thanks so much.

Thanks again ladies

HelenofSparta Wed 06-Feb-13 20:19:03

Hello, had trouble conceiving DC3 due to this. Two months of B-50 complex from holland and Barrett and it worked! From googling, some people hd to go up to B-100 complex, bu it definitely made a difference for me (used alongside clearblue digital ovulation thingamajig)

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 06-Feb-13 20:13:24

Crap, forgot to type...Good luck to you (& anyone with a short luteal phase reading this) thanks

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 06-Feb-13 20:12:32

Thirding the advice from phoenixfox & Dexidoo.
I didn't have any problems with cycle length until after we had DS<shakes fist at child>

Took soy isoflavones (CD 1-5, 200mg) & vit b, whilst using OPK's every day & fell pregnant that first month of using both, I mc at 6wks but fell pregnant again straight away after that.

I tried Agnus Castus before soy/b6 & it made my luteal phase even shorter (from 9-10 to 7-8).

Dexidoo Sat 02-Feb-13 14:22:00

I'd second the advice from phoenixfox. After tracking cycles for 8-9 months without any luck realised luteal phase was around 9 days.
Started on strong vit B complex daily and soya isoflavones 200mg days 3-7 and fell pregnant on the 2nd cycle after starting them. Am now 11+ weeks

Definitely worth a try!

phoenixfox Mon 28-Jan-13 22:33:39

Hi. Like you I have a short luteal phase (ovulating day 19/20 and period 26/27)and both my doctor and gynie both said it wasn't insurmountable. To Just give it more time. I got pregnant with my 1st after a month and it took 10 months to get pregnant with my 2nd (twins). We were using no protection for 2 years and nothing. Not actively trying for the first year but still! I read about b6 and started taking that and I took 200mg of soya a day from day 2to day 6. Soya has been called natures clomid. Apparently it induces ovulation so is beneficial to women to a short luteal phase or pcos. I got pregnant that month. I recommended it to a friend with pcos and she also got pregnant the first month.

Hope that helps. It is very frustrating when you know something isn't right and you are just told to relax!

forgottenpassword Mon 28-Jan-13 22:14:52

I had short luteal phase - day 21 of 28 day cycle. I tried acupuncture. Could be coincidence but got pg 3 times the month after I started acupuncture. Worth a try anyway.

Seriouslysleepdeprived Mon 28-Jan-13 22:10:28

I had this problem when I had undiagnosed coeliac disease. Luteal phase returned to normal once I went gluten free.

Mkmamma Mon 28-Jan-13 08:23:51

Hey there, are you breast feeding still? My sis in law didn't get her periods back to normal for over a year but then it suddenly regulated and age got preg with number 2.

Andcake Sun 27-Jan-13 11:07:20

Some drs apparently don't believe in lutuel phase defects. If they do they will offer progesterone to help extend. I like clickingtock tried it the natural way by taking b6 (50 mg) the best £3 I spent as in 6 weeks I conceived ds! Get thee to holland and Barrett. Good luck it corrected mine in 2 cycles.

clickingtock Sat 26-Jan-13 18:46:12

Hi DeMaz - sorry you are going through this. I conceived first v quickly then it took about a year and a half to get pg again, and my DC2 was born 3 weeks ago. I feel v lucky. it turned out that our problem was with male fertility rather than me as docs seemed to suggest (i'm old!) but nonetheless we finally sorted it out. Just wanted to say that the conventional route to finding answers only led to stress. The only way we got pg was using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. May not be for you but you face a long wait for answers from the NHS, IMHO. If your cycle is a bit squiffy a good TCM practitioner can sort it in 3 months. Wishing you the best. thanksthanksthanks

DeMaz Thu 24-Jan-13 10:05:23

Also posted in Conception
Hi ladies,
I hope I'm posting in the correct section but could really do with your wisdom please. I'm TTC baby # 2. Conceived the first one in a month but a year on still no whiff of a BFP for the second.
My cycles are roughly between 23 to 25 days long and this cycle I ovulated on CD17 making my luteal phase 6-7 days!! I had the cd 3 and cd 21 tests done and according to the doctors receptionist they all came back 'normal'. (I have a proper appointment with the doc on Monday)
What I wanted to know is has anyone had this issue? What was the outcome? What could this be? Also if you were referred to a specialist how long did it take?

Thanks so much for reading ladies and really hope you can help.


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