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Trying to conceive with subclinical hypothyroid, please help!

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RedRobin1 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:11:48

Hi we've been ttc for 9 months. I have had one chemical pregnancy. Blood tests showed I had subclinical hypothyroid - 3.3 level. Our fertility consultant has asked us to being the levels down to between 1-2.5.

I am on 50mg of levothyroxine and will have my blood tested every 6-8weeks to ensure the levels are down.

stylemebeautiful Thu 24-Jan-13 14:35:53


Thought I would reply as I have had problems with my thyroid too.

Back in the summer a cyst was found on my thyroid. Obv at the time myself and the doctors were concerned it was cancer so had lots of tests to get it checked out. Thankfully came back as benign. Also had my TSH levels checked. In July they were 2.8. Told this was normal.

Anyhow started ttc soon after and was a little concerned there were still problems with my thyroid, esp when I read that TSH should ideally be between 1-2 to conceive. Cue lots of visits to the doc who told me things were normal. Also got my anti-bodies tested - they came back very high - 1500. Was referred to an Endo at my local hospital, but had to wait 6 weeks for the appointment!

In the meantime did lots of research to see if there was anyway I could help myself. The book Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy by Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield was recommended to me so bought a copy. The book has lots of advice about diet and what to eat / not to eat. Foods rich in Selenium balanced with Iodine are quite good apparently. These foods include Eggs, Milk, Brazil Nuts, Spinach etc. Also Green Tea and Yoga is meant to help so been having a cup of tea a day (be careful not to take too near to your Folic Acid in the day as it can stop its absorption) and practicing Yoga once a week. Pregnacare Conception is also a good multi-vitamin as it contains Selenium, Iodine and lots Vitamin B12 (often those with Thyroid problems can be Vitamin B12 deficient).

Anyway fast forward 6 weeks and I got my TSH level checked - was now 1.45. Have since had it retested to check it wasn't a fluke and it came back 1.5 so very pleased with that. My Endo was also really nice. I didn't have a choice who to see - just saw my local Endo at Harlow hospital. He said with those TSH levels I should be fine conceiving, and no need for medication at this stage, and would obv be monitored during pregnancy.

I just thought I would email you some of my tips in the hope if you get fobbed off again, they may work for you. I still haven't conceived as of yet, so would be interested to hear of others recommendations (and any tips for good thyroid health). You can get a private consultation with Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield - I have heard he is very good and 'cured' a lot of people. He is based just south of London so if I am still trying in a couple of months may book in with him.

I am also going to try Reflexology next month as have heard this helps correct any hormonal imbalances.

Anyway let me know how you get on - hopefully you will get the answers you want.

Keep us updated, Liz x

Nj27 Thu 24-Jan-13 07:04:52

We have been ttc our second child for nearly a year now and in that time I have been having tests for subclinical hypothyroidism. My tsh level is 4.6 and thyroid antibodies have also been detected. I have read loads about tsh levels needing to be between 1 and 2 for successful conception and pregnancy but dr won't treat me, he has referred me to an endocrinologist but not holding out much hope! Anyone know anything about this or know of an endo in the London area who will treat sub-clinical hypo? Please help as getting desperate now and so sick of being fobbed off by my gp.

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