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Just found out that IVF is the next stop, share your knowledge with me.

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SilverAndSparklyKat Sun 20-Jan-13 19:53:20

Look after yourself. It's not fun to go through, the drugs made me feel extremely odd and very emotional.
I had acupuncture before during and after the treatment and modified my diet/gave up booze/lost weight. My acupuncturist had dh and I eating all sorts, including fish eggs to improve the quality of our gametes.
We booked a long haul holiday for two months after the treatment to help us deal with the disappointment, except I went pregnant!
Research your doctor carefully, I cannot fault Dr.Shah who practises in Birmingham, he was amazing.
Good luck.

MrsHY1 Sun 20-Jan-13 19:41:29

Hi Pipbin
I think we've 'spoken' before- are you a fellow spotter?!
Sorry to hear you find yourself in this situation but the message I'd like to give you is that the process is really not as bad as you might be expecting- and this comes from a person who had ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome on my first attempt (30 eggs yippee, night in hospital and abdominal drain for a week, not yippee) and two further FETs, resulting in BFNs.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that even in the face of failure, the process fills me with hope, more hope than I could ever muster trying naturally.

Whiteshoes Sat 19-Jan-13 15:52:24

Gosh, I'm going to sound like a stuck record if you read my other posts, but in addition to the excellent advice above (zita west recommends at least 60grams of protein a day, and I think I've seen a study suggesting a 10 percentage point improvement in success rates with acupuncture), please compare success rates of clinics that you are considering. It can make a huge difference. Fertility friends is also a great place to find out more about clinics, and many do open days.

MorphandChas Sat 19-Jan-13 14:42:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DuelingFanjHoHoHo Fri 18-Jan-13 22:32:29

Join the fertility friends forum for help and advice, they have forums for specific clinics so you can speak to people who know how things work in your area.
Also check out diet tips, when I had IVF I ate a lot of protein, drank organic full fat milk and a wheatgrass drink every day (blergh). I also had acupuncture, including just before and after the IVF. I don't know if any of that really helped but I was told you can improve egg quality and quantity by changing your diet and acupuncture really did chill me out.

Good luck, I was successful first time.

Pipbin Fri 18-Jan-13 21:52:01

Hello Ladies. I post over on conception all the time, but I'm new to this part of the forum.
I had my lap and dye yesterday and the consultant said that my tubes are beyond redemption so it's off to the IVF clinic for me.
So, share you knowledge with me. What are your top tips and what should i expect?

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