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anyone else been through this?

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wishfull31 Thu 10-Jan-13 15:46:19

hi, im new to all this and sorry i dont no all the shortened expressions so bear with me lol! im 26 an have been trying to concieve for over 4 years, ive had every test going and so has my partner but weve been told were perfectly fine with no fertility problems. End of nov i finally fell preg, i tested 4 days early as i new something was diff and got a pos test bck! smile the day my period was due i came on, and 2 days later i mc, it was confirmed by doc thru blood test. my hcg was 66, 2 days later 44 so it had fallen and it was confirmed i had mc sad was completly gutted as we waited so ong for this hope. ive now had my next period and am wanting to try again, but the thought of going another 4 years is killing me! what could of changed for me to finally concieve after so long and do you think it could take that long again? i dont no anyone who has been thru this so im hoping for some one to give me a little hope!! i just want that amzing feeling of being preg again, although i only experienced it for a few days it was amazing. anyone's comments would be much appriceated thanks x

Andcake Fri 11-Jan-13 11:19:46

Didn't want to read and run. So story for your mc- so early I think it's technically called a chemical pregnancy so it might be worth researching that. My second mc was one of these. It was over before it began and i was devestated. I know it took you 4 years to get one but any positive is a good sign. Can you think back to anything differently you did in the month that may have helped. I had years of trying and 2 mc before success. There are lots of things drs don't know. For me taking a strong dose of b6 seemed to help lengthening my lutuel phase. For others taking zinc and or vit d improves egg quality or drinking raspberry leaf to improve lining. Talk to your dr as well but good luck sometimes a mc kicks your hormones into action and you are more fertile.
Look after yourself.

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