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Vasectomy reversal

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AdaKate Thu 10-Jan-13 20:50:00

hi highlove....yes I've heard of the antisperm antibodies and agree with you that perhaps the NHS testing of samples isn't as detailled as a private test so getting another "opinion" would be a good idea.

Good luck to you Starlight

highlove Thu 10-Jan-13 08:31:30

Argh hit post to soon. Was going to say have a private SA and be sure they can check for antibodies.

highlove Thu 10-Jan-13 08:30:42

My DH had one and although it was a 'success' in that he has sperm in each sample - and actually quite a high count considering - we still can't concieve because he has antisperm antibodies as a result. As I understand, basically the trauma causes an immune response and antibodies cling to the sperm reducing their ability to swim or to penetrate the egg. We saw a great consultant who specialises in reversals but I've since learnt this is just very common. We are now having IVF with ICSI and a nurse at my clinic said that pregnancies after a reversal are the exception, though to be fair she only sees the people who've not concieved - those who have won't be at the clinic!

Sorry don't mean to be unduly negative. However I wish we'd known about the high chance of antibodies and also that a standard NHS SA won't uncover it - for ages we were told my DH's sample was great and we didn't have a reason for not concieving.

There are other options. Of the reversal is a success, i.e sperm in count, but there aren't many or there are antibodies, you have a really good chance with ICSI. Alternatively you can bypass the reversal (or if it doesnt work and there are no sperm in the ejaculate) and have surgical sperm reversal - it is extracted 'at source' iso to speak. So you do have various options even in the event it doesn't work. If you do go ahead with the reversal but aren't concieving (and I hope you do!) then I would advise a private sS

Best of luck.

Starlight001 Wed 09-Jan-13 20:05:30

Thanks Ada Kate! Thats good to know and very comforting!

AdaKate Tue 08-Jan-13 19:16:09

Hello Starlight. Yes my husband had a reversal 2011. I did quite a bit of research and we went to the BMI Hospital in Nottingham with Dr Harriss - (yes it is 2 "s" on end) google him. He specialises in Reversals - so does them regularly and not like others who may only do two reversals a year.

Initially after op DH sperm count was low but just over a year on its 27million excellent progressive. does only take one good swimmer!!!

Good luck smile

Starlight001 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:31:09

Has anyone experience of a successful vasectomy reversal? My partner is hoping to have his reversed this year but we were worried to learn that only one out of three are a success? If a reversal fails is there any other method?


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