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IVF and turning 49-any advice please for (now single) woman considering ivf

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colafrosties Sat 19-Jan-13 16:38:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whiteshoes Fri 18-Jan-13 20:17:17

Robbie, hi. I think Andcake's advice is excellent. Get thoroughly checked out before spending money on ivf.

In terms of inexpensive routes, although I had no luck with them myself, and wouldn't recommend for younger women, Create specialize in natural ivf for older women, and have a good success rate for women in their 40s. It's much cheaper than normal ivf but I would have three or more goes at it because it's only collecting one egg each cycle, and sometimes that egg won't fertilise or whatever.

If you want to think about abroad, Serum in Athens is supposed to be excellent and again treats a lot of older women.

Worth looking both up on fertility friends.

Good luck!

Andcake Mon 07-Jan-13 11:09:40

I think your first port of call should be getting some basic fertility tests done fsh, afc etc to see what chances you have. You may be a rare beast who has good fertility for a 49 year old. I had some tests at Bridge and lister but basically was told at 37 I had v poor chances. I later found success naturally. If you still have periods it might be that iui rather than I've might give you a few more chances if you have low egg quantity but are still ovulating. Egg quality will also be an issue with age so ASAP I would start looking at your diet etc so that when you have a paid for procedure your eggs are in good shape. Zinc, vit d, omega's etc.

robbie27 Mon 07-Jan-13 00:24:37

Ive written a lot recently on these forums as Im in a dilemma about giving one go of having a round of IVF , Ive never tried despite being almost 49. I know the chances are miniscule but can anyone please poss recommend any clinics in London which may be cheaper as costs are a problem for me. Also know any reputable places abroad -India, Spain or Portugal in particular ?

ANY advice on any of this -even the process itself -given my age-is highly welcome. Im very much at my utter last chance and need all the help I can get. (Ive considered egg donation etc but am not comfortable about the psychological affects of using someones eggs-whom I dont know..)
Many thanks!

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