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Baseline Scan...our IVF journey starts tomorrow...

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AdaKate Mon 07-Jan-13 20:46:28

Thank you ilikesweetpeas and Scarlett. Thank you for taking the time to post and you're right sweetpeas....the staff at the hospital are wonderful - understanding, don't rush you and happy to answer any amount of questions that just seem to fly off the top of my head.

It's good to hear a success story sweetpeas!! Wonderful.

Thanks for the redirection Scarlett...I'll try over there....I thought I was in the right place!! Oops!

Well all went well today, scan, bloods etc and I've started injecting it's all systems go here!

Thank you ladies smile

ScarlettInSpace Mon 07-Jan-13 15:14:41

Hiya, I just wanted to wish you luck, and suggest you may find more traffic on the conception board, there are quite a few of us over there in the same boat, plenty of people there for support/answering silly questions etc smile

ilikesweetpeas Sun 06-Jan-13 21:58:10

Good luck to you, I have a beautiful daughter as a result of IVF. I didn't have Gonal F so can't advice on that, I had buscerilin (sp?!) and then Menopur. It's a very up and down process as at times you will be hopeful and at times despairing (at least that's how I was). Try to stay positive and remember that there's lots of people at the hospital trying to help you get pregnant! The two week wait is really hard - try to plan soethig nice to do during this time and take it easy as much as possible. I really hope that things go well for you smile

AdaKate Sun 06-Jan-13 21:50:56

Hello??? Anyone out there? A little nervous on numerous counts....1st time I've started a thread....1st round of IVF......1st time I've felt really nervous about anything for a long while.

Living in East Anglia, and attending a very well known clinic. Privately funding as no chance of NHS help as I'm 43. No children (but hoping).

Have Baseline scan tomorrow morning....what will they be looking for?

Think we are doing the short process....but not really sure of timings. Think they will go thru the drugs tomorrow and I will be taking Gonal F (have I said that right, don't have my notes to hand???). Anyone else taken this - how does it make you feel?

This is our secret journey as only myself, DH and mother know. Looking for some support, advice, and any knowledge that you lovely ladies out there who have been thru this or are going thru this now might want to share.

Had mid cycle (28 days regular) scan which showed one dominant follicle plus 4 others and 8 in the other ovary and everything else looked hunkydory apparently. Quite low AMH 1.5, but expected for my age. Husbands sample was good and ok for IVF.

Would be good to hear from anyone who can offer advice. Thank you for reading. smile

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