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Feeling a little down in the dumps... Would love some reassurance! Please!

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louise182 Sat 05-Jan-13 17:38:58

Thanks for your reply Griffomais. I am more feeling positive about my situation as at the very least, my periods seem to be getting back to normal, which means we may finally be good to go!

I have been on the conception threads about found some really positive people, but one or two comments did bring me down a little.

Somebody decided my GP has no idea what he is talking about. My GP was actually very supportive and arranged a scan and blood tests after 2 missed periods! Took my concerns very seriously.
The same person also said that I probably wont be ovulating even though my periods have returned. Granted this is always a possibility - a period does not necessarily mean ovulation, but it wasn't something I was concerned about.
Then they confirmed I must have PCOS!! (Though my doctor confirmed I do not).
All the negative comments made me worry a little. Then I thought, hang on, why am I worrying over something somebody on a message board has said when my GP (with gynae background) was completely satisfied with the tests and their results, and now my body seems to be doing what it should!?

Thanks for your kind words though, I wish you luck too smile x

Griffomais Fri 04-Jan-13 21:49:54

Hi Louise

You should go over to the conception threads lots of helpful supportive people over there. I've been TTC for 27 months - unexplained infertility. I know how hard TTC can be and how down it can make you feel. I didn't want ur MSG to go unanswered - I know I can't relate to you exact situation but I can relate to your frustration. I wish you luck and hope to see you over on conception. Take care your not alone.x

louise182 Fri 04-Jan-13 20:38:46

I took my last logynon contraceptive pill (after 6 years of taking it) at the end of January 2012, I had a short withdrawal bleed within a couple of days and went on to have normal regular periods in March, April and May.

I then started to get bad acne on my face and did not have periods in June, July, August, September and October.

I went on to have a very heavy painful period that started on November 27th and lasted 6 days.

My next period started 36 days later on January 2nd, which is a little crampy but normal.

During the time I was missing periods I visited my doctor (around August time) who arranged blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound scan straight away for me as he suspected PCOS due to my acne.

The blood tests were completely normal, though the scan showed shadowing. My doctor reassured me as the blood tests were clear he was satisfied there was nothing to be concerned about and put my problems down to stress, and said my ovaries had simply 'paused' because of this.
I agreed with this as I had just bought a house and been under pressure with moving, and work was not nice place to be at that time due to impossible targets and a very difficult manager which was making me feel quite stressed.
Now I a settled in my new home and work is a little more bearable I am wondering if that is why my periods have returned - less stressed?

Before starting to take the pill in my early teens, and during taking it, my periods were regular as clockwork and I had no problems. It was only 3 months after stopping taking it I was presented with these problems.

It has now been ten months since starting ttc and I am feeling a little fed up. I dont want to get my hopes up that things are settling down because I will be bitterly disappointed if my periods go up the wall again.

I have just stocked up on ovulation tests and will perfom 2 a day when the time come to start checking for ovulation.

I have cut all junk food out of my diet. I am currently living off things like fruit smoothies, home made veg soup, egg on brown toast and am drinking lots of milk and water. I am also taking folic acid and a multi vitamin daily.

Has anybody else been in a similar situation? Does anyone think this is starting sounding promising for me? I just need some reassurance.... sad

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