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Help- I'm very confused!

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EssexEmmaB Wed 02-Jan-13 13:47:07

Sorry for the long rambly message that should say!! Thanks

EssexEmmaB Wed 02-Jan-13 13:46:27

Hi this is my first time posting in this section after being a lurker for a few hours here and a week or so in the relationship forum.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone could help me with some suggestions to increase my fertility.

Long story short is that I TTC for around two years but was not successful. That relationship split so having a baby was very much put on a back burner until my life was more settled. Anyway I'm now ready to try again and saw my gp around nine months ago who referred me for tests to see what is going on. I had a day 21 test to see if I was ovulating and also an internal ultrasound.

The scan showed that I was about to ovulate and that there were no signs of PCOS - which was good news.
The day 21 scan was done the following month and results showed that there was a minimal level of proestrogen (2 I think ) and this is an indication that ovulation did not occur.

I'm so confused by all this tbh. I'm overweight at the moment and have discussed with my gp losing weight and having all the tests again. After that it would be clomid also.

How can I fix this proestrogen issue? My periods are really irregular but I feel this is weight related. If
I lose some it falls into line more. If I gain it throws them out.
Ive read quite a few threads on here but it's all so confusing!

Any advice or own experiences would be brilliant please.
Sorry for long rambly

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