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FET - wobbly, poor stats, some nice positive stories for me?

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vallinnapod Tue 01-Jan-13 20:37:05

Apologies - posting in conception and infertility as just want to hear others stories.

We were lucky enough to have DS in August 2011 as the result of our first IVF cycle. He was a day 4 transfer and one of 2 embryos put back. We had two embryos good enough to freeze.

We are now going back for FET. Just done a cycle on the pill (PCOS, no periods/ovulation) and when my period arrives I will be scanned and start progynova.

Just having wobbly moments really sad The stats for my age (31) for a live birth after FET at our clinic are 17% (which is actually above national average!) It just seems so low sad Fresh IVF is 42.5%.

I think i just want to hear the experiences of other who were successful (or not really) with a similar background.

freelancescientist Tue 01-Jan-13 21:02:04

The fact that you have had a baby from the same batch puts your chances higher - remember that 17% includes patients who didn't concieve in their fresh cycle.
Good luck.

vallinnapod Tue 01-Jan-13 22:54:43

Thanks. I know. When thinking rationally, your are right. Rational thought is an elusive bugger at the moment!

Beegey Fri 04-Jan-13 08:48:44

CVall- I have just done an (unfortunately bfn) fet and our success chances were 50pc so I wonder why your numbers are so low? Which clinic are you with? Our clinic (Create Health in Wimbledon) do natural fet's and said we had as much chance of success as we had with our (also bfn) fresh cycle in October. Our embryos are blastocysts, which maybe raised our chances a bit.

I am ttc 3 and 30, so similar stats to you. We have one more frosty so will be doing a final fet next cycle.

If you have two embryos frozen, would you consider having only one put back?

vallinnapod Fri 04-Jan-13 10:34:05

Really sorry to hear you cycle produced a BFN.

Unfortunately they were both frozen in the same straw so we don't have a choice. I am quite pleased (in a way) as I would be really torn otherwise as to the best decision.

They are blasts - which were vitrified (which apparently is good?), and my chances may be a higher - in light of one successful pregnancy. 17% was the number from the HFEA site for my clinic (Bridge Centre).

Fingers crossed for your next cycle.

Beegey Fri 04-Jan-13 14:19:06

Well in that case, I think your chances are really good from the (extensive) research I have done. Don't pay attention to the stats. If you are in your early 30's with two blasts to put back I highly doubt you will be in the 17% camp. And you have had a child before. I'm sure they won't put the embryos back unless the lining was perfect too.

I know loads of people who have had success with fet, I really does work for people. Do you know your protocol yet? Will it be a medicated cycle or natural?

I think I have immune issues, high nk cells etc which is frustrating as everything on my previous failed cycles ie the fresh one in October and Fet in December seemed 'perfect'. So I'll will be on steroids and maybe more this time.

vallinnapod Fri 04-Jan-13 16:55:38

Medicated. No ovulation or periods so I have been on the pill for the last two months (aimed for FET before Christmas but ran out of time). Baseline scan today and start progynova tonight for 9 days. Repeat scan a week on Saturday.

Beegey Sat 05-Jan-13 08:05:06

We will be tx'ing about the same time then smile good luck!

HDee Sat 05-Jan-13 08:13:38

I had a negative cycle from a fresh transfer with 37 year old year old eggs, but got three frozen embryos from that cycle. We transferred two, and got twins. After a total of six negative IVFs I didn't think it would ever happen, but it did, x2.

We used a natural cycle, no drugs at all.

vallinnapod Sat 05-Jan-13 20:29:29

Care to hold hands Beegey?!

HDee - I love a positive story smile

galwaygirl Sat 05-Jan-13 20:51:45

I think the 17% would include poorer quality/earlier embryos and can include people who didnt get to transfer? I also agree with the others who say that having success from fresh can mean your chances are better as you know you have good quality embryos/blasts. The stats are not broken down well at all, often just by age of the mother.

We had DD in June 2011 from our fresh cycle, I had my first FET in September and did an SET with a blast and am pregnant again at 32. With both my fresh and frozen cycles I was told my chances were really good.

I know it's really hard to imagine being lucky a second time after being so lucky first time but stay positive - it seems to happen a lot that people who got pregnant from a fresh cycle get pregnant on their first FET.

Best of luck xx

Beegey Sat 05-Jan-13 22:38:30

Valpod - yes please.

Girlway girl - congrats on your bfp.

I am getting af and have pms and feel like I will never be pg again. I am so spoilt to have 2 dc's already (dd ivf 2009 and ds naturally 2010). Feels bit glum as these feelings don't go away. I felt so excited and full of optimism at the start of our 2 failed cycles which was just dashed by crushing disappointment. I have no idea how people have the strength to go through multiple failed cycles

vallinnapod Sun 06-Jan-13 14:14:20

<hugs> Beegey I sympathise. I get a bit angry when people tell me not to worry, that I should be grateful for DS and that if it were never to happen at least I have him. FFS, of course I am eternally grateful for DS but I don't think anyone can understand that it doesn't make the longing for another child any easier. I am fully aware how lucky we are to have him.

Thanks for sharing your great journey Galwaygirl

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