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Period post laparascopy and hysteroscopy?

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QTPie Thu 20-Dec-12 13:08:52


What are people's experience of their period after a laparascopy (drained a couple of ovarian cysts and burnt away some Endo) and hysteroscopy (not sure his he did anything - he didn't find anything unexpected, so probably not)?

Had mine 8 days ago, period due today-ish.

Did bleed from recovery onwards - lighter than my standard period, but reasonable flow (my normal period cam be pretty heavy...). Did this, decreasing flow, until maybe Sunday (so 5 days). Have had a few isolated bleeds since (with the first few bowel movements - I guess blood is squeezed by the movement, which is quite normal during my period - sorry TMI) and a little "pinkish ness" sometimes when I wipe.

Haven't had period cramps as such (normally have something of varying degrees), but with so much "going on" down there and so many painkillers, not sure that I would notice! However, I have been feeling rough yesterday evening and today. I have no idea if I have just "over done" things, if it might be the start if an infection or complication (hope not - took the dressings off last night and nothing looks amiss) or if the roughness might be period related...

- was that probably my period or can I expect AF imminently?
- any hope if AF doesn't now show that I could be pregnant (I know, stupidly eternal optimist.... My head says that no egg could stick through that blood..l)? Should I take a pregnancy test to double check?
- assuming I am not pregnant and AF doesn't really show in an identifiable form (ie with a definite start), what can I take to be CD1? Today (since that is when I can fairly liable assume that AF should have started...)? Not that I currently feel like DTD any time soon... sad


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