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Just had a PCOS scan

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cupofteaandanicesitdown Thu 13-Dec-12 18:29:35

Total newbie - wasn't sure whether to post this on this or the conception forum and apologise in advance if this turns into a random ramble!

Just got back from the hospital, where a transvaginal scan showed the appearance of polycistic ovaries (but not necessarily PCOS, which I find rather confusing). Am going back for my Day 2 blood test in a few weeks as the nurse rather excitedly announced to me mid-scan 'you will be ovulating within 12 hours!'

I am obviously pleased I am ovulating but what I still don't understand is this - if the bloods confirm PCOS, but I have the 'ovulating kind of PCOS', what can I actually do to increase my chance of concieving? If I don;t need medication to bring on ovulation is there other medication I might be given to help the implantation? Pretty clueless as you can see?

Some random info about me in case it helps: I am slim / healthy BMI, no acne, and aged 33.

RedRobin1 Thu 13-Dec-12 21:59:27

I'd be interested in responses to this too. I am 30, no acne, slim, very regular monthly cycles 29-32days and get a positive opk on only 1 day of the month around cd16.

My cd12 blood test showed high lh than fsh and was asked to get a pelvic scan done. Obviously I thought my lh would be high at day12 as I was about to ovulate.

My pelvic scan was done on cd4 by a trainee nurse who told me I might have "slightly" poly cystic ovaries. She didn't explain further and wasn't even sure if she was reading it correctly. She said its because I had too many follicles on cd4. Don't know yet what it means.

cups is your period regular? I have also had another CD1 blood test done and will get the result on Monday.

I heard that sometimes you need more than 1 scan to determine if you really do have pcos?

cupofteaandanicesitdown Thu 13-Dec-12 23:08:18

Hi. Since coming off the pill 5 months ago they have varied in length, but seem to have settled at 34/35 days. My GP told me to have my blood test in day 2 of my cycle, and then my other blood test 7 days before period due. So will be doing them this coming cycle.

cupofteaandanicesitdown Thu 13-Dec-12 23:10:33

I also wonder why your blood test is on day 1 and they told me day 2? You would think that sort of thing would be standard practice?

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