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ivf/icsi is our only hope... Where to go next? ARGC?

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thewalrus Thu 13-Dec-12 07:41:37

Hi hopeisstrong,
We ended up having icsi as a result of severe male factor (and to a lesser extent PCOS). We decided to go straight to the ARGC because of their success rates. We had 2 ICSI cycles and both were successful (2nd cycle we had twins). As you'd expect from that I can't praise them highly enough!
I agree with luckystar that it is chaotic - I haven't got much experience of private clinics but I was expecting it to feel a bit plush and it really wasn't! Having said that, everyone was helpful and pleasant (if rushed) and I never had anything but total confidence that Mr T and the other doctors were on our case and working on the right individual plan for us.
From what I've heard/read it's much more intense than the experience at some other clinics - eg daily blood tests. They expect you to give your whole life over to it (and I think they do the same). I started one of my cycles on Christmas day. They manage your individual treatment so carefully and also monitor you during early pregnancy.
Have run out of time but will post this so don't lose and try to come back and give some thoughts about icsi too. take care.

Luckystarfour Mon 10-Dec-12 21:06:44

I think within 3 months maybe sooner but ring and see. Basically we could start as soon as we were ready. Jan might be busy Ii guess! Dr Venkat is a well kept secret in my opinion :-) message me anytime!

hopeisstrong Mon 10-Dec-12 20:08:41

Thanks luckystar that is great info - how long is a 'not long' waiting list?!

How is your treatment going there? Good luck, 3 failed attempts must be incredibly tough - well done for keeping going. Wishing you lots of luck and I will def private message you when I have a little more time. Thank you

Luckystarfour Mon 10-Dec-12 07:55:02

Hi hopeisstrong

I completely understand your dilemma about where to go. Ive found It's really important to pick a clinic based on their maner as well as results.

These discussion forums are invaluable - as you will gain real insight to these clinics.

I've moved from a midlands based service after 3 failed attempts as I knew they were not providing us with enough specialist detail required in our case. My husband has very low morphology - so namely we have a sperm factor issues with potentially some embedding issues.

I would consider Argc from what I have read because their attention to detail is very high. I genuinely believe this is needed in complex cases. However I have also read that they are less personable - from our own journey we have learnt that we need to feel able to ask questions and be involved in the decision making. So perhaps Argc would not tick this box for us.

I visited mumsnet and feel so fortunate that a member told me about HSFC just off Harley street. I was really impressed with their attention to detail and personable approach from the very outset, they really do care :-)

Dr Venkat does ALL your consultations, scans, collection, transfer and pregnancy testing. They test by blood not urine so there is no dreaded long two week wait.

We feel so relaxed with this clinic it has made the world of difference to us. My husband even comments the exact same thing.

She has one of the highest success rates in harley street 57% for under 37s.

Not too long waiting lists either! She also has access to specialist make consultants, so we have achieved so much more information on my husbands sperm and the implications than all three rounds we had in the midlands.

Do private message me if you want to ask more questions.

Good luck :-)

hopeisstrong Sun 09-Dec-12 22:08:56

I'm 32, dh 35. I have only one Fallopian tube (not sure of its condition) dh has extremely low sperm count.

Gp has told us ivf or icsi is our only hope. Not eligible on NHS so looking at private options. ARGC seems to have the best success rates so I'm tempted to go straight there. It's not our closest one but I just want to throw everything I can at an attempt.

Has anyone done icsi at the argc? Or got any advice in general about icsi. I'm still in the early stages of researching it all but after a while ttc I just want to get on with it.

Thanks for any advice x

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