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Quinagolide and conception

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Christmascookie Sat 08-Dec-12 11:26:25

Hi Everyone,

Please be gentle, first ever MN post! I was wondering if anyone else has any experience of TTC with quinagolide ? My endocrinologist has started me on quinagolide for ? Prolactinoma and I was wondering how long it may take for me to see results / get my BFP. Any advice would be gratefully received thanks in advance! X

RacquelWelsh Sat 19-Jan-13 19:50:45

Welcome Lewisy and MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS Cookie, that is brilliant news! As you say, hopefully this is the first of many BFPs on this thread what a great way to start the New Year.

I know what you mean Lewisy about the being scared to test situation. I miscarried in early December, having not really been trying to get pregnant but was delighted to have done so, only to be devastated 9 weeks in sad Anyway, onwards and upwards.

Best of luck to us all!

sazz4 Mon 20-Jan-14 20:39:56

Hi there, I'm a newby!

I don't know if you guys are still reading this as it's a year since the last post but I'm trying anyway!

I wonder if anyone can share their experience as I'm unsure what to do:

I have been taking quinagolide for 18 months and it has worked very well, for me for a microprolactinoma (now 3mm). I had a pre conception chat with a second gynecologist last week who suggested i take bromocriptine instead, because of more research in pregnant women than quinagolide. (although he did say it was safe, but bromocriptine safer because of the research)

I'm unsure what to do because we had already started trying for a baby for 3 months and if i change to bromocriptine i have no idea if i will tolerate it or how long it will take to work. It feels like a real disruption to everything. Also worried about side effects and if it will work or not!

Would love to hear if anyone has any experience with this, if changing medicines takes a long time to adjust to to get everything in ballance again, and what you have been advised.

Thanks and best wishes to all!


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