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PCOS on clomid and in need of advice...

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xChantellex Thu 29-Nov-12 20:25:15

So i haven't had regular periods since i can remember, as i was trying to concieve with no luck i went doc's and had tests etc which confirmed i had pcos. I started treatment (clomid) 1st June, that first month i didn't ovulate to a satisfactory level but still produced an egg, I also had all the typical symptoms clomid produces, very sore boobs, hot flashes and dizzy spells and then i had a period 30th June. I went for more tests mid june and it was confirmed i had ovulated and so i had a period end of july and then again end of august. both months i had side effects from the clomid. Then in september I had no side effects, and no period. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests which have came back negative and although i went to my doctor to get answers as i couldnt get in touch with the specialist, they have refused to test me there as it costs them to do it. I have been getting stomach pains simular to mild period pains on and off, feel mildly sick daily and have had lower back ache on and off for about 3 weeks and also feel bloated but as I have never had a positive test before I am unsure whether it means anything or not? or whether it is just a sickness bug maybe? has any1 with pcos on clomid been confirmed with ovulating for it to just stop? cant find anything anywhere online about it.

Ameliac28 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:15:10

Hi Chantelle,

I have PCOS and tried for years now I'm 6 months pregnant so just to let you know there is hope out there for people with PCOS smile I was on clomid and as far as I was aware it never just stopped me ovulating, it is a shame that doctors don't do pregnancy tests anymore, it could be that the tests are picking it up yet as it maybe to early? I did a digi test and it was a friday and it came up not pregnant then I just had this urge to pee on a stick on the Tuesday so I did another digi and it camr up straight away! are you doing the test's with your morning wee? I know it's hard but maybe give it another few more days and do another one and then if you still get a negative go back to your docs and ask for a blood test, it's the not knowing that's a killer. I really do hope you are. Good luck x

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