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Its a tricky one!!!!!

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Katty31 Tue 27-Nov-12 08:24:25

Thanks for your response, its such a hard one. I really don't want to waste anytime so reluctant to try and unblock etc if in 6 months it will be ectopic and I then have to start IVF. Where as I could have started it 6 months earlier. I just need a crystal ball!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to reply x

Bud123love Mon 26-Nov-12 21:26:15

Sorry to hear about the bout of bad luck you have had. I personally think you have been through enough and if you are happy to start ivf then you should take that route! Theres not saying in the future if u r successfull with ivf and you can relax and just try naturally, a d if it is ectopic again then uou can have the treatment you have been offered now and try again! Its alot of pressure to put urself under be because the fear of possibly not ever being able to concieve is so deverstating, so if u have this treatment thats more hurt and recovery time etc... And you be willing to get pregnant and thats more stress! Hope i have helped and been Clear and not rambled! Good luck in anything you decide! I cnt give you any advice on ivf etc coz i havent personallt been through it, just see that no one had commented and thought id try and help! Xxx

Katty31 Mon 26-Nov-12 20:49:31

Hi all,

I am hoping some of you lovely ladies can help me/guide me/advise me in the right(ish) direction! I will give you a shortened version of my 2012

January - Ectopic on right treated with metho
May - Very early M/C
May - Lap and dye showing spill on right fine, delayed but eventually a spill on the left
September - Ectopic on the right again and they took the tube.
November - HSG showing left tube blocked

So here is the dilemma, my consultant wants to try and unblock the tube with another HSG. My self and my husband are very confused and weary of this and want to hear some other peoples experiences.

I am very fearful of another ectopic and I am worried that unblocking will leave scar tissue that will leave me more susceptible to a ectopic. We are more than happy to start private IVF treatment ASAP and don't know if this procedure is wasting time?????????????????????

Thanks for any thoughts or advice


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