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Twinkle2012 Sun 25-Nov-12 10:57:35

Hi all

I'm looking for advice..

We have just had a failed IVF and FET with the
Bridge Centre - we are unexplained although they did diagnose an out of phase lining which they treated during the FET but cycle still failed..

I really rate the Bridge Centre but I can't help feeling they are a little pedantic and not so good at thinking to far out side of the box.

I had heard good things about ARGC but having done a little research I can see that the clinic has been linked to a Panorama investigation, a GMC investigation and quite a lot of controversy surrounding high success rates.

The ARGC also seem v interested in NK cells and I had a diagnosis from a clinic we had initial investigations with that mine were high. However, the Bridge do not believe that NK cells in the blood stream can impact implantation.

So, do I stick with the Bridge and put my failure down to statistics or do I move on to the ARGC who look like they are an "all guns blazing" kind of clinic with high success rates albeit it somewhat controversial??

Has any one had dealings / success with ARGC?

I thought I'd made a decision to start afresh at new clinic in January but now I am panicking!

Thanks all x

Nancy66 Mon 26-Nov-12 10:47:37

There are other clinics that do believe in treating immune issues (the raised NK cell problem) other than the ARGC.

ones that spring to mind are:

Zita West
The Lister

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