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HSG Test pain after that

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hartmel Mon 19-Nov-12 19:50:52

I had a HSG Test done in August 2012. 10 days after the test, i got into so much pain and started to bleed really heavy. i contacted my GYN all he did was subcripe me some pain medication. i bleeded for 5 days straight... my next mens was 40 days later then 30 days...
since then after i ovulate and just before the period comes. i'm in so much pain that last time i had a cycle of 30 days, my husband had to take me to the hospital because it felt like i'm in labour, every 2-5 min it felt like someone was crapping one side of my tubes and pull it and the other way around.. i had an ultrasound done 1 week ago on a tuesday, and she said that i ovulated on the weekend.. so now i'm scared that i will get the pain again.. Yesterday evening cycle day 27 i got the pain again but it only lasted for 15 min..

could it be because I have multible cyst and when i had the HSG test that something got done in it.

i hope it makes sense..

sorry it is so long.

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