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imamummyandananny Sun 18-Nov-12 14:13:33

Has anyone with Pcos had a successful pregnancy following a course of reflexology?

i'm thinking of trying it but have no experience of it at all and don't know what to expect.

my DD was born 7 yrs ago after 1 cycle if cloud, but this time round 8 cycles have failed and after 6 yrs if trying, i'm feeling time is running out!

imamummyandananny Sun 18-Nov-12 14:14:25

gah meant to say clomid not cloud!

Charlotte321 Mon 19-Nov-12 22:10:26

Hi, I would post this on conception if I were you, just as there may be people can help there? I'm starting reflexology soon so am curious too! Cx

Bluepenny Sun 25-Nov-12 21:02:13

Well, after unexplained infertility, (numerous ops, Chlomid and 1 round of IVF back in 1988), I'd given up hope of ever having any children. I didn't have PCOS though, but it looks like I only ovulated sporadically from one side.

However, not for TTC reasons, but just for relaxation, I started having reflexology once a week in 1999. OMG, it stimulates lots of things and really does seem to be connected to all parts of the body! She told me what foods I had trouble with, where I'd got problems etc, so I altered my diet. I felt wonderfully relaxed after each session and got told not to drink tea or coffee for the rest of that evening (used to go 8/9pm).

4 months in, she looks up at me and says "I think you're pregnant, I can feel it in your feet". No, I say, I can't be and tell her the infertility story. She is sticking to what she can feel! I wait for my period, it doesn't arrive. I put it down to the stress of work. Knowing I've got another reflexology session, I decide to take a test. It was positive and my DS is now 12.

In conclusion, I was convinced Reflexology did something to the reproduction regions for me - even just going for the relaxation of it, you will feel things when she touches parts of your feet. Have a google for the Reflexology foot chart to see where is linked to what, I found it fascinating.

Good luck to those TTC - I spent a few years going through treatments and then we gave up. To have it happen naturally without trying 12 years after was a miracle.

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