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Oh dear

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Netguru Thu 01-Nov-12 16:15:56

I'm 42. I have three children 21, 13 and 11. I fell pregnant with them each first month of trying.

I am in a new relationship now with a wonderful man who is 35. He has been brilliant with the kids and, five years on, we would like one of our own.

I know I'm older now so was not that optimistic. Managed to get a scan and blood tests done at go and all normal. Six months on - no pregnancy. Husband did sperm test on Monday. This was of course not likely to be a problem. The problem would be me, being past it.

Just got call from doctor. Can we both go in tomorrow.

When my tests were all normal they didn't call. Am guessing this is different. Too old for ivf even if I dudn't already have kids so very unhappy today. He would make a great dad.

Devilforasideboard Thu 01-Nov-12 17:00:31

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Net. Just remember sperm samples can fluctuate wildly in terms of quality. We were told natural conception was unlikely based on DH's first couple of samples then the one he produced for IVF/ICSI was 'good' and the IVF eggs were the ones that did best ie being left in a dish with the sperm to get on with it.

Netguru Thu 01-Nov-12 17:31:41

Thanks. I didn't know that and that helps. No risk factors though (no alcohol/smoking etc).

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