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Laparoscopy (ovarian cyst etc), recovery?

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QTPie Tue 30-Oct-12 16:32:23


Hope this is a good place to post this. I am currently scheduled to have a hystocopy (sp?) on 12th December. I may or may not have a laparoscopy at the same time (to remove a 25mm Ovarian Cyst and free my Fallopian tubes which seem to have become stuck to the back of my uterus). I might have some choice in whether this laparoscopy is done (will be private).

What is the recovery like? I am a fit (gym/exercise 4 times a week) late 30s.

It looks like we would be starting IVF fairly soon (hoping Feb) - the hystocopy and laparoscopy came up as part of fertility investigations - but need to schedule a trip to visit family in California in the new year. We also always go skiing for a week to 10 days in Colorado. So I am looking for an idea of when I would be healthy and fit to ski (assuming no complications!). We don't want to delay the start of IVF too late by going later than we need to - if that makes sense...


highlove Tue 30-Oct-12 20:14:04

I had both (lap and hyster) with a tubal cyst removed. Wasn't as big as yours and it sounds like yours might be a bit more complicated. But for what it's worth I was back at work in a fortnight and I think back to gentle running by then too - did have best part of a fortnight off the gym though. I would allow yourself a good four weeks before skiing, if I were you, if nothing else to make sure you can enjoy your skiing. IVF is tough and a lovely holiday before sounds like a great plan. Good luck.

KnackeredCow Tue 30-Oct-12 22:10:40

I had what they thought was going to be a laparoscopy and possible removal of an ovarian cyst. Was somewhat more complicated as cyst was actually a paratubal cyst on the fallopian tube and adhered to my ovary. Surgery took around 1.5 hours instead of the scheduled 30 minutes or so for the actual procedure (ex. anaesthetic time) but the cyst was somewhat larger - around 5cm x 2cm. Also it was impossible to remove it without me losing my fallopian tube. I also had adhesiolysis to "unstick" my ovary on the other side from the floor of my pelvis. And then I ended up admitted to hospital as I went in to urinary retention after op - this is reasonably common. And finally the wound got infected sad. That said I was back at work after two weeks, but absolutely shattered. My sick note was issued after surgery when they still thought I would be going home same day! I went back too soon and if I'd to start again would have asked my GP to extend it by an extra week. That said, I was really unlucky with all those complications.

All in all it took me around four weeks to feel normal again, but I had been on antibiotics for the wound infection too. I did take pain killers for around three weeks, but i think it was the adhesiolysis that caused so much discomfort.

Normally you wouldn't expect much more than a two week recovery time but you may need to take it easy for another couple of weeks or so after that.

Good luck with it all. I had IVF following surgery, and after a few attempts am now 22 weeks pregnant with twins smile

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