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Zita west supplements

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Luckystarfour Fri 26-Oct-12 08:59:13

Hi there

I wonder if anyone has any experiences they could share regarding the zita west supplements.

I have been using femibion upon recommendation of my consultant because it has a particular type of folic acid
Methylfolate (Calcium-L-Methylfolate

Its been suggestes i begin supplementing a pregnancy vitamin with:

I have some zita west vitafem which I haven't previously taken;

I notice they also advise to take vitafem with vitafem boost;


I notice there aren't any oil based capsules with these - does anybody know why? I'm concerned ill be missing the oils..

If successful I understand I would then use

Zita west vital essence 1 for the first 0-12 weeks of pregnancy

I'd be really interested in anyone's thoughts/experiences using these supplements :-)

mummytowillow Sat 27-Oct-12 21:52:34

I used the vitafem and her fish oil supplements and did acupunture and i swore by it all. My DD is 5 now and i had 2 failed cycles and 3 abandoned before i tried ZW.

I don't think it necessarily needs to be ZW products as long as its similar.

Good luck xx

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