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secondary infertility - any options available on NHS?

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iloveberries Sun 14-Oct-12 15:46:24

Hi there - looking for a bit of advice.

We conceived wonderful DS1 naturally (2nd month) and have been TTC #2 for 15 months now. We did fall pregnant cycle 6 but it was an ectopic pregnancy. Been TTC since with nothing.

Went to see doctor who won't do anything till we've been trying a year since EP. But I am wondering what they will be able to do for us as we already have a DC together. If it turns out that I can't get any help on NHS then I may consider going privately after christmas.

Does anybody have any stories of getting NHS support when faced with secondary fertility?

Thank You

lozster Mon 15-Oct-12 18:18:02

Hi there - I saw your message yesterday. As no one with secondary fertility seems to have come by I will tell you what I believe is the case. I have primary infertility. As I understand it the restriction on couples with existing children applies to ivf treatment not all fertility investigations. So, I believe you could be referred to a consultant and have procedures such as hcg or medication such as clomid. My experience was that my referral came through quite quickly. Ivf was a very long wait.

Hope that helps - if you google for your pct you may be able to see their p

lozster Mon 15-Oct-12 18:19:43

Thick fingers! That was meant to say that you may be able to read you pct policy on fertility treatment

wifeofdoom Mon 15-Oct-12 18:28:26

I've had day 3 and 21 tests, sperm analysis, pelvic utrasound and lap and dye (because of abnormaties on the pelvic scan) and then a treatment lap on NHS. I did have to wait until I'd been trying for 2 yrs though. You might have to be a bit pushy or see a coupe of drs - some were better than others (my drs is one where you phone up the morning of the appt and see whoever has a space, so have seen a fair few different ones!).

Nippersmum Mon 15-Oct-12 21:41:08

You don't say how old you are? But I recommend you go back to the DR again and keep going back until you get a referral. I didn't do this and lost a year waiting and looking back wish I had pushed to be seen earlier. Good Luck with everything.

iloveberries Tue 16-Oct-12 21:36:31

Thanks for all the responses - I'm 32 and dh is 34. I've been to my doc twice now, he just says 'keep trying'. Maybe I should go and see someone else at the practise - I really just want to know if my other tube is ok, and if dh sperm is alright as he's been on steroids for a whole now.

Nippers mum - did you get your baby in the end?

Loz - hope you get your baby soon too.

Wife - hope your baby arrived too.

Maybe I should go back to the doctors.

Afewquestions Fri 19-Oct-12 02:13:57

Hi my GP said they will fund investigations for secondary infertility but not treatment if that helps?

Thingymajigs Sat 20-Oct-12 20:14:40

My partner and I haven't been trying long (waiting for my fifth cycle to start) but as I already have two children and he has always been concerned about his fertility we decided to go for testing. He simply asked his GP and she gave him a number to call. This was very quick, all on the NHS and now we are just waiting for the results. I think it's much easier to get a semen analysis than female testing but I don't have any experience with that yet.

fairypangolin Mon 22-Oct-12 20:10:41

My husband and I have a son aged 4. We have been TTC a second for 17 months now and are planning IVF in Jan if it doesn't happen (I'm 39 so even though my hormone results were all very good we've been advised not to wait any longer). It is different with every primary care trust but I am pretty sure almost all do not allow NHS funding if you already have a child. However our GP was very good about doing all the tests beforehand via the surgery for free.

Bumpinthenight Thu 25-Oct-12 09:40:13

I have a DD(4) and we have been actively trying for a second for over two years.
I have had day 2 and 19 (due to short cycle) bloods and DH had a SA.He 'failed' his test so had another SA done which he also 'failed'. He has been referred to the urology dept to see if his tubes are blocked.
All of this is on the NHS. I think his tubes will be unblocked (if they are) also on the NHS.
If it gets to ICSI we will have to fund that but some authorities will fund the drugs.

Lintilla Thu 25-Oct-12 10:07:54

I have a DD (2.8) and have now been trying for over 2 years (I wanted a close age gap!). We had the exploratory tests on the NHS, day 5, day 21 and semen analysis but everything came back fine or inconclusive. My doctor suggested that I just go away and keep trying and easy to say!

We had just decided to go private and were having the tests done for the fertility clinic when I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried at 5 weeks 2 weeks ago. The last day 21 test I had done I was actually pregnant and the result came back with low progesterone, they can't repeat this test for three months so at the moment there is nothing I can do.

We had to wait until we had been trying for a year before our doctor carried out those tests and the attitude has been that we got pregnant before, therefore everything works so we must be able to do it again.

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