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Hi guys

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Kathrobs Sun 30-Sep-12 17:26:28

I'm new to this site but would really like your advice. I have had pcos for as long as I can remember (although I do have a 13 year old) anyway, last Saturday I found out I was pregnant- I cannot tell you all how happy I was. By Sunday night I was In hospital with pains and bleeding . I was told I was more than likely having a miscarriage, the docs told me to go back Wednesday to see if my hormone levels had doubled- which sadly, they hadn't. I only started bleeding yesterday and was never told that this was going to happen- I was pretty scared :-( I was only 4-5 weeks gone but I was and still am devastated. I guess I'm just asking if anyone has had the same issues and care to share? I have had regular cycles for the last 8 months- does this mean I'm cured and more likely to get pregnant now?? Thanks all for taking the time to read this xx

Ginshizz Fri 12-Oct-12 17:04:55

Hi, glad the birthday went well and well done for getting pressies!

We aren't up to much this weekend - just hanging out at home, possibly going for a walk in the country with th baby and the dog. I plan to have a few naps and a long bath!

I hope the bleeding has stopped or at least slowed down a bit?


Kathrobs Sat 13-Oct-12 00:33:12

Your weekend sounds glorious! It's nice to just chill out at home! I'm going to look at other jobs, do some cleaning maybe, all very rock 'n' roll! The bleeding has calmed down thank god although I still have a really bad stomach ache! I can't wait until the physical side of all this calms down and I can start concentrating on mentally getting better! Xxx

Ginshizz Sat 13-Oct-12 10:14:24

Sounds like you need some intense bath and pamper action rather than housework! Glad the bleeding has calmed down, I do hope you start to feel better (and can indulge in some merlot) soon.


Kathrobs Sun 14-Oct-12 22:51:43

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and you've chilled. Mine hasn't been too bad- lots of crazy dreams! My memory also has been a bit random- I left a pan of soup in the stove!! The bleeding has chilled a little now thank god and back to work tomorrow I'm not at all looking forward to it at all- especially after the way they treated me in hospital. I've applied for a job in tesco! I used to be very much career orientated but recently I'd much rather have less stress! I'm not at all ready to go back but have no choice as we don't get sick pay. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet.... :-( xxx

Ginshizz Mon 15-Oct-12 14:58:27


Good for you re the tesco job! I quit my "proper" job four yrs ago to be self employed and I have loved it. So much easier to do pregnancy and baby things I think when you don't have the stress of working in a mean environment.

Glad the bleeding is calming down - I hope you are managing to relax today and gather your strength? Have you finished the antibiotics now?

We have just had day three of DD eating purée fruit at breakfast and lunch. She loves it! She only had a little bit but was astounded by it?

I will be sending assertive vibes to you tomorrow so you can growl in a suitably grumpy manner at the idiots who had a go at your while you were dealing with a miscarriage and hospitalised for an infection. What utter tools!


Kathrobs Tue 16-Oct-12 22:38:19


Well, I've been back 2 days and had the usual stresses seems like I've never been away! To be my own boss would be amazing! Out of the 7 people- 2 asked how I was! I'm off tomorrow though as I'll be working right through until next Friday. My hormones are ridiculously up the wall- keep getting tearful ad the slightest thing- taking it out on eveyone around me :-; I can't figure myself out! Xxx

Ginshizz Thu 18-Oct-12 22:04:15

Only 2 out of 7 ....? sad

Don't be too hard on yourself re the hormones, I think you are doing amazingly well to be back at work at all. I reckon you are allowed to be snappy and teary and anything else that helps you get through.

Have you had a sneaky glass of wine yet?

Sorry not to have been checking in sooner, but I do hope you're doing ok.

Sending lots of hugs


Kathrobs Sun 21-Oct-12 22:19:38

Hi lovely,

Sorry im only just replying I've been working all weekend- been a mad one! I guess I'm just plodding on and ploughing through things although im still bleeding (is this normal??!) still tearful most days but Im just trying to keep things normal. Have you had a lovely, chilled weekend? Xxx

Ginshizz Mon 22-Oct-12 16:24:03


I'm not sure about the bleeding; I know when I had a chemical pg I did bleed for much longer than I'd expected.

I hope you are not too wiped out?

We had a lovely but hectic weekend - had a family get together so I am now recovering!

Am sending some pick-me-up tea brew !


Kathrobs Tue 30-Oct-12 00:24:09

God! I'm awful! I've been so busy with work and all involved I haven't asked how you are? Xxx

Kathrobs Wed 31-Oct-12 22:26:49


So here's the strangeness of what's occurring in my life at present- a question- is it possible to be pregnant without a period after my mc? I'm having the same symptoms as before I miscarried - but I'm too scared to do a test in case I'm just dreaming/ hoping! But I've got the poorly breasts and going to the toilet more but me and DP have only 'you know ehat' once after- last time was when we came back from being told we were having the m/c I'm soo confused is it possible? I hope you're ok and I hope you don't mind me talking to you xxx

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