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My sharps bin really ruins the look of my kitchen!

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PicaK Wed 12-Sep-12 12:45:05

Ok - so not really a thread about the garish and decor inhibiting effects of sharps bins.

Just wondering how much dark humour you guys employ to get through ivf?

Do you have mates and family that you truly let in to how misetable it can be - or do you put on a brave front 24/7? Do you try and "protect" other people?

My front slipped on Monday and I am feeling both hurt and foolish. Would appreciate hearing anyone else's stories so I don't feel such a freak.

aftereight Wed 12-Sep-12 12:50:10

Don't feel foolish, it''s such an emotional process, outbursts are almost inevitable grin. What happened?

We did have a laugh when we had to sneak into restaurant toilets to inject (DH had to do it, I was too squeamish) and we got looks on the way out from the waiters like we must've been sh*gging in there!

Another time it was in the carpark at a motorway services, looked v dodgy!

PicaK Wed 12-Sep-12 14:18:55

Aw man. I burst into tears and cried hysterically. My family think i'm nuts.

Five hours after my SIL was told our ivf had failed (missed miscarriage at 6 weeks, last go of ivf for various reasons) she posted on fb that she was glad her kids had each other (like she has her sister), that she wants another but my DB wants to wait until she has finished her training but she'll be 35 by then which is "not fair" on the child to have a "granny mom".

I was lucky enough to have a son aged 35. Am 39 now. Made the mistake of ringing my mum and dad expecting sympathy. None forthcoming but they rang up my SIL to tell her (why?!) and now they're all mad with me for upsetting her.

I put it in Aibu then had it pulled cos someone suggested she was a c* which she's not. Thoughtless but not that. Happy with it here cos less traffic and more appropriate.

Going to have to apologise for being ott. But got me thinking how we hide so much of what ivf takes out.

btw - I was shooting up once at the toilets in Bham new street. Truly a low point!

My husband once dropped his sperm sample pot (full) in the corridor at hammersmith hospital. You wouldn't think there was such an incline on those corridors. He had to chase after it for ages as it rolled merrily on its way!

JRsandCoffee Fri 14-Sep-12 10:00:18

You poor, poor thing!!! I think you had every bloody right to cry hysterically, terribly insensetive. I think that some people JUST DON'T GET IT........which is NOT HELPFUL....

I had a friend of mine loudly pressing me for "why is it such a big issue, why? why? people get pregnant all the time, you're making a mountain out of a molehill, etc, etc, etc" loudly, on a girls weekend away, in a coffee shop, the morning after a big night.......The coffee shop ears were flapping big style, let's just say that I didn't miss her and hit the wall (verbally of course).....and she hasn't mentioned it since. Given some of the stuff I've been through with this particular friend it was top of the range insensetive!!!

Hmm, "moments"

I sobbed hysterically on a bemused riding instructor, just had a bloody awful day, couldn't do a thing at all, let alone right.....poor woman, I told her the lot.......oh dear.......

DH turned up to do his initial SA after a nice ride on his road bike, in full lycra... given the general preconceptions about the impact of cycling I just found that utterly hilarious....otherwise I might have cried........

When the trigger shot was due I sprinted into the kitchen during the ad break of some particularly absorbing Sunday night drama, turned on the lights, dived into the fridge, ripped the trigger shot from the box, strewed bits of card and holder etc round the kitchen, yanked my top up, primed and plunged, shouted something along the lines of "bombs away" to my DH and then looked up to realise that the blind wasn't shut and a neighbour late walking their dog could well have seen the lot......classy......

I'm sure there was more, it was black humour all the way in our house.... I honestly think it is the only way.

Poor you, again, that was just rubbish from every angle and no-one deserves that but as above, some people just don't get it...

TheCatSofa Sat 22-Sep-12 00:34:30

hello! this thread sounds good. I starting taking my drugs today (woo!) and I'm already looking for the dark humour in the whole thing and looking forward to many awkward injecting moments to come. I'm already a bit paranoid my snorting skills aren't up to scratch..

I'm currently flipping my mind between telling more friends why I am about to turn into mental bitch from hell or just hiding away from everyone for the next month...

It's a tough one to go through this TTC lark, it's nice that there is a place other's understand.

PicaK Sat 22-Sep-12 11:49:59

Tricky one - about the telling. For me it's always been helpful to tell friends. And in advance - because you have more energy to explain the ins and outs.

There's an argument that if you tell people then you've also got to explain if things don't work. But to my mind these are your friends why wouldn't you share this. And then everyone will know from 4 weeks if you're pregnant or not - so you lose out on a special secret time. But tbh by the time you've had fanny cam and the audience participation fest that is egg retrieval and put back then you're kind of so far past "romantic intimacy" it's not really an issue!

Devilforasideboard Sat 22-Sep-12 16:08:50

I've decided my sharps bin gives my kitchen that 'edgy' vibe the decor has been frankly lacking so am putting it out before I even start injecting.

TheCatSofa Sat 22-Sep-12 18:12:23

Ha! I like that Devil! I better get mine ready, injection time in 45 mins! Hope I can do it hmm

TheCatSofa Sat 22-Sep-12 18:14:44

Pica I think you're right they are your friends so it's good to share. Plus avoids them thinking I'm really unsociable for never going out with them anymore. It's a bit of a bombshell to drop though!

Devilforasideboard Sat 22-Sep-12 22:47:34

How did you get on CatSofa? I'm a bit nervy about the injecting. Did you use the fancy pen or go old school with just the needle?

TheCatSofa Sun 23-Sep-12 09:34:38

Morning Devil, it was really alright! Had a bit of a freak out but then when I did it I honestly could not feel it. I did kind of bigger it up cos I didn't press hard enough and so there was still a tiny bit leftover I needed to do. I did it again but then that time forgot to leave it in for 10 secs so I don't think I got it all in me. I'm using the pen. Reckon today I'll be fine and know what not to do. Let me know how you get on too.

Blending Thu 27-Sep-12 14:16:22

I had a funny wobble this morning, (2 embies transfered yesterday.)

Man came to jet wash the drive and the patio out the back, and said "you don't expect me to clear that dog muck do you?" I snapped forget it, do what the fuck you like but I can't do it for you!

I then burst into tears and appologised, and explained all about going through IVF to this young chap who looked like he wanted to run away as fast as he could! (Did make it up to him with bacon sarnies and a cuppa or 3 )

The look of pure horror on his face! I think the explaination made him more rather than less uncomfortable!

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