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Nottingham CARE or NURTURE for ICSI

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pinkbeachchick Fri 07-Sep-12 15:56:44

Would like to hear from anyone with experiences of either of these facilities. They are the options for DH and I for our NHS cycle. TIA

JethroTull Fri 14-Sep-12 06:41:40

We are currently at CARE Pink. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I think they are fabulous!

D0ttyW Sat 22-Sep-12 10:49:54

Hi, we've been with Nurture for the last 3 years and have just had a successful result from our last cycle. I can't recommend them enough.
I'd suggest looking at the success rates for other couples in your situation and use that as a starting point.

Luckystarfour Sat 13-Oct-12 00:13:02

This may have been our own experience (although some close friends were also disspointed by them) but Nottingham care are fine if you have a straight forward case and ICSI/ivf works pretty easy for you.
We were told so many times about what then don't offer (ie a greater level of detail and testing) that its only since moving to a London clinic HSFC that we realise they made our journey hell!

Now I would only consider a London clinic, although its not on our doorstep it's worth the journey! Many of the ivf consultants work from the same hospital space and share skills. Much much more attention to detail and the appropriate specialists that you need.

We have really fast tracked our journey through ICSI by asking for exactly what information we need - we've had three failed cycles and are about to start our forth - i know if we'd stayed with Care we would be on cycle 10 and still no results!!!

Having said that my guy feeling was they were better than the Nhs based services in the midlands! But given the choice - I'd pick a London clinic every time!

pinkbeachchick Sun 14-Oct-12 09:28:02

Thanks for the replies, such a difficult time to be making decisions. Jethro I will PM you. Lucky I think you are confirming what I believe about going where there are more specialists together, but travelling to London for treatment is not an option I am willing to try right now.

Luckystarfour Mon 15-Oct-12 08:44:00

Remember a lot of the London clinics will use Skype for consultations and I can honestly say HSFC is no more expensive than Care. In fact they will save you money in the longer run as they won't keep repeating cycles without doing more thorough investigations.
We have just got to the bottom of my hubby's infertility difficulties prior to starting treatment with HSFC as they join up with a male specialist of which there are only two in the country! I feel lucky to have found them as everything which they have suggested which we asked about at Care was avoided by Care who told us hey couldn't offer it and they didn't think it was pertinent! Three failed cycles and we were less feeling exhausted by Care. I really would say to you save yourself the heartache and the costs. They are not as specialise as they portray!!

r3dsquirrel Mon 15-Oct-12 08:54:30

I've had treatment at both nurture and care nottingham. I hated the whole experience at nurture and honestly wouldn't return there if they gave me free treatment for life! I thought care were amazing. The whole experience from start to finish was so much more friendly and we really felt cared for. I had a positive outcome at care after 2 disasterous cycles at nurture and we'll be going back to care at some point in the future. I'm surprised by the post saying they aren't specialised as they offer a number of techniques that aren't available anywhere else. I also discovered they take on the complex cases nurture try to avoid.

I would second the point though, that if you have any male factor issues you should try and see one of the two urologists who specialise in male infertility. We saw Jonathan Ramsay who was amazing. You don't have to be at a London clinic to see him. We self referred privately and he liased with Care to make some reccomendations. Feel free to pm me if you want any info.

Good luck!

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