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The hut of gl/doom: ttc with the emphasis on trying!

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delilahbelle Thu 06-Sep-12 13:34:03

A supportive and slightly fluffy thread for those dealing with the issues of ttc longterm, whether with assisted fertility or not.

Mands81 Tue 11-Sep-12 21:19:15

Delilah hope you get good news after your next blood test. I think it's important you still make future plans, good to have things to look forward to. And NZ/Oz is certainly exciting!!
Summer I think clomid works differently with everyone, I've heard so many success stories on it. It's not working for me but that doesn't mean it won't for you. Try to stay positive.
Chairofthebored when's your 1st appointment? Hope you're feeling ok

flixy102 Wed 12-Sep-12 15:10:03

Afternoon ladies, hope your all keeping well today. Just off the phone with my doc, all my bloods have come back completely normal and within normal ranges. My prolactin has fallen from 2500 to 127! Just to keep taking the medication and wait for AF...........

pinkapples Wed 12-Sep-12 19:04:22

Woohoo that's a good sign flixy! grin

I'm cross cuz I wrote a message on here earlier and it didn't send angry

Anyhoo a diathermy mands is where they drill holes in the ovaries (I had 4 holes per ovary) to try and balance the hormone levels. Your supposed to be most fertile in the first 3 months after it

Mine failed as I didn't get pregnant then I went onto the jabs which werent so bad :-)

summerintherosegarden Wed 12-Sep-12 19:10:26

Oh flixy that's brill! So funny how it happened right after that disheartening appointment with the private doctor - almost like fate was trying to get your hopes down in order to get them right up again!

Mands you are totally right about staying positive - DH is always drumming into me how patients who believe their treatment will work have a higher success rate, and every morning wakes up with "are the drugs working? they are, aren't they?" smile
Don't know about that but I'm having the weirdest and most vivid dreams, anyone else get that with clomid?! (I take them just before going to bed)

What's going on with you pink, can you be arsed to type the message out again?

Mands81 Wed 12-Sep-12 20:32:15

Great news about your bloods flixy! grin x

HaveALittleFaith Wed 12-Sep-12 20:57:51

Hello all, I'm still lurking smile

Just wanted to say that's great news flixy! Hopefully now it's back in range it'll kick start your ovaries!

Good luck for Friday pink.

Thinking of everyone.

I'm doing ok, 7+5 today, puking like a good 'un and exhausted! Just willing down the time to 12 weeks and impatiently waiting for my 12 week scan!

pinkapples Wed 12-Sep-12 21:32:22

Awww nice to hear from you faith glad your doing ok grin

Yea well I wrote about the diathermy in answer to mands

General countdown to Friday feel sick today and have a black and blue belly from the injections... Nasal spray is doing my head in I can taste it every time I do it angry been reading articles about 2nd gos. At ivf but not really helping much really want a brew and a biscuit but am attempting to stay strong woohoo me! Not

And am opening a new building at work for our toddlers but the stuff hasn't been delivered and I'm likely to be off next week for the open evening not a happy bunny!

summerintherosegarden Wed 12-Sep-12 22:03:35

Aw, not too long til Friday, then you can treat yourself smile

Glad you're doing well faith, I think for once puking all over the place is a good sign!!

Devilforasideboard Fri 14-Sep-12 09:20:22

Hello shiny new thread!

I'm still counting down to starting sniffing - just want to get on with it now. I know I should be making the most of the calm before the storm but I just feel in limbo. Only 5 days to go though grin

Sorry you're feeling pants pink, have a virtual Friday hug from me x

ChairOfTheBored Fri 14-Sep-12 13:04:56

Happy Friday all. We have our first appointment next week and have already had nosy coleagues trying to guess why I've a day out of the office for medical reasons. Alas given my age tehy probably suspect I'm already pregnant and going for scans and whatnot - yet another entry on the list of cruel ironies...

What is everyone up to this weekend?

summerintherosegarden Fri 14-Sep-12 14:04:22

Oh Chair, let them gossip away. No doubt they'll concoct all sorts of craziness... I hope the first appointment does go well though and you have some sort of treatment plan put in place quickly.

Well I've finished my first course of clomid, scan on Wednesday to see whether anything's happening or not. Even if I don't ov this cycle it'd be nice to see some sort of activity...

DH and I are going for a mini break to the countryside this weekend, lots of chill time, the weather forecast is crap so suspect we'll be curled up at the B&B for most of it! Happy Friday!

Devilforasideboard Fri 14-Sep-12 15:26:57

I'm going to be making the most of my last weekend off the wagon before I start my first cycle properly. There's some beer in the fridge and I shall be attempting to persuade DH to order pizza instead of cooking <lazy>

I love the sound of your weekend Summer, it's lovely to be tucked up somewhere cosy while the weather rages outside! Happy Friday to you smile

Mands81 Fri 14-Sep-12 18:44:22

Chair - ignore people at work, let them wonder for a while! good luck with your first appointment, mine was so informative and eye opening.
Summer - hope your first scan goes really well, keep us posted.
I had a meeting at work about my not so nice side effects on what will be triple dose clomid and they're relieving the workload a bit which is great.
We've just ordered a curry, wine in the fridge and 2 dvd's! We're saving for a deposit on a house so trying to spice up out nights in!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend x

Mands81 Fri 14-Sep-12 18:45:05

Ps Devil I hope you get the pizza! grin

pinkapples Fri 14-Sep-12 20:16:17

Evening all I'll second that about the snuggling up when it's raining grin

Scan went well this morning I have about 15 follies between 14-17mm so egg collection on Tuesday.

I'm also going to enrolment for my masters in education studies on Monday smile not sure if I'm taking on to much I think not it's 2 nights a week 6-8.30pm 1 and a half hours commute ish so won't interfere with work I may be mega tired the 2 days but it'll be worth it... I figured I can't put things off forever and if it happens and I get regnant then it happens but if it doesn't I don't want to be the one to look back and think I wasted time by not doing it... Is that rational and normal?? hmm

Devilforasideboard Sat 15-Sep-12 10:19:02

Bloody well done pink! I think rational and normal goes out the window with fertility ishoos but your plan sounds good to me. I did a part time PG Cert a couple of years ago and it was hard work but absolutely worth it.

I didn't get pizza but am hopeful for tonight, ever the optimist smile

Flumpy2012 Sat 15-Sep-12 11:05:04

Hi all,

I'm in need of some advice and wonder if anyone can help.
I have a wonderful friend. She's 49 and has spent years trying for a baby. She's had some 12 miscarriages in 14 years, they've tried AI, IVF with donor eggs and her own and she has even had an exploratory operation to find answers as to why she can't carry but there's just no explanation. They went down the adoption route but it difficult as her DH has 2 children from previous marriage.
Now due to her age she has come to the end of the road with trying. She doesn't want to foster or try adoption again.

My issue is that I am now pregnant (26weeks) and I am riddled with guilt that I have what she so craves. She can't see me because of how much it upsets her. She doesn't have any friends with babies or young children and walks away from family members who have them too.

I'm desperate for her to be part of our lives as my DP left me 10 weeks ago so I am now doing it alone. I know she would be a wonderful part of my DDs life if she just allowed herself. Is there anything I can do? Should I just leave her? I feel like I've lost a surrogate mum :-(, am I being selfish? Can anyone help me understand how she's feeling?
I love her to pieces xxx

pinkapples Sat 15-Sep-12 11:59:09

Hi sorry for your dilemma I don't think this is the right thread for you since all of us are ttc we are probably in your friends shoes sad I'd check out the other boards although i would say if I nada dear friend who was pregnant I would still want to be part of their lives I would just talk to her and tell her how you feel...

In other news I can't decode whether or not to go to uni or not now I will miss the first 2 weeks so have emails the lecturer and asked if I can be sent the stuff if not I'll have to withdraw and try again next year

Devilforasideboard Sun 16-Sep-12 13:00:50

Yeah, sorry Flumpy but we may not be that much help. I feel the same as pink really. I've always tried not to let ttc take over my life and have pretty much come to terms with the idea that I may not have children. The day I found out we were unlikely to conceive naturally I was visiting a friend and her toddler. I'm not going to pretend it didn't hurt but it did help me get things clear in my head. I don't want other people not to have children I just want one as well! It really sounds like your friend needs counselling to come to terms with things. Most clinics seem to offer this as part of the treatment package but only you will know if you could gently suggest this to her. If it helps one of the worst things is feeling upset about someone being pregnant but feeling bad about being upset.

In my other news I got pizza last night, enjoyed a final bottle of wine, have made some scones and am counting down to starting sniffing on Wednesday. Woo!

pinkapples Sun 16-Sep-12 18:13:14

Have just done my final sniff of this cycle! grin will not miss it grin

HCG in 2 hours ready for Tuesday have decided uni is a no go as I do not want to be the heavily pregnant student (wishful thinking) and if I lost it I would blame myself for taking on to much do have decided to put it off till next year smile I have a new toddler unit at work to look forward to developing so I'll be busy either way grin

summerintherosegarden Mon 17-Sep-12 08:39:34

Thanks mands smile I'm glad your work was so supportive about clomid issues.

Pink, that's absolutely brilliant news about your follies, I hope it all goes really well tomorrow and there'll be no need for any more of that bloody sniffing!
I'm definitely in the - don't put life on hold while TTC - camp but I think you probably made the right call in the end about uni, as you said you are going to have a lot on with your new toddler unit either way and you don't want to exhaust yourself too much.
Uni will still be there next year and every year after of course (and I'm really, really hoping that you won't be doing it for a few years cause you'll too busy looking after a little baby...)

Weekend away was lovely, lots of hiding from the weather and a bit of getting soaked to the skin in it!

ChairOfTheBored Mon 17-Sep-12 13:30:59

Hey all. Just signing in after our first appointment. We saw a nurse, who was lovely, and took our histories (again) and ordered scans, more bloods and chlamydia tests. Am really pleased I'd asked my GP for a copy of all of my blood test results to date, as they hadn't been sent through. It turns out my Day 21 test showed I hadn't ovulated that cycle which is not great, but at least good to get a step towards understanding what might be going on.

So, a bit of a sense of 'hurry up and wait' but feels good to have got things moving, and she was able to give a clear sense of the times we'd have to wait until the next appointments.

pinkapples Tue 18-Sep-12 07:39:38

Woohoo currently sat in the hospital car park waiting as the clinic doesn't open till 8am. Dreading the same result as last time
With only one fertilised sad feel really sick as no eating since 8pm last night HUNGRY is not the word

Devilforasideboard Tue 18-Sep-12 07:49:07

Just popping in to say good luck for today pink! I'll be keeping everything crossed for you and your oeufs smile x

summerintherosegarden Tue 18-Sep-12 07:53:39

Ooh good luck pink! Hoping for lots of lovely fertilised eggs!

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