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The hut of gl/doom: ttc with the emphasis on trying!

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delilahbelle Thu 06-Sep-12 13:34:03

A supportive and slightly fluffy thread for those dealing with the issues of ttc longterm, whether with assisted fertility or not.

delilahbelle Thu 06-Sep-12 13:35:18

Hi all - a new thread as the old one was getting full.

I am planning wine and chocolate and chick flicks with a childfree friend this Friday, can't wait. What's everyone else up to?

flixy102 Thu 06-Sep-12 13:54:25

Woo hoo, lovely sparkly new thread!

Let's hope it brings us lots of luck.

ChairOfTheBored Thu 06-Sep-12 14:38:58

Thanks for starting the new thread Delilah.

How is everyone doing? We got the letter through for our first appointment with the consultant gynaecologist in a few weeks; not really sure what to expect. I've had blood tests, but DH was only able to get an appointment for SA for the day after, so worry that they won't be able to do much without it, and think we're wasting their time.

On a positive note it's nearly the weekend and I've ordered a lovely new bike so will sped the weekend on lots of lovely rides (not a euphemism grin )

pinkapples Thu 06-Sep-12 18:51:56

Woohoo new thread grin

Mands81 Thu 06-Sep-12 20:08:52

Hi everyone. Hope you're all good, just wanted to say what a great thread - the old and new one!!
I'm really new to mumsnet but it's helped me feel better already to know I'm not on my own :-)
TTC nearly 2yrs. Clomid cycle No2 100mg not successful :-( so hard as last month on 50mg follicles only got to 6mm and this month nothing. Not ovulated in I don't know how long, having to take progesterone to kick start cycles. Moods ALL over the place and crying at the drop of a hat at the minute. PCO too which I didn't know I had.
Surrounded by pregnant friends which is lovely and I truly am so happy and excited for them all but we all know it's hard to be around sometimes.
Anyways, another scan on Tuesday then on to 150mg per day - anyone else get side effects off clomid?
Wishing you all lots of luck in your own situations

pinkapples Fri 07-Sep-12 06:39:41

Hi mands you sound like me 12 months ago I did 8 rounds in the end no ov and no baby sad so ov induction x4 1 miscarriage and 1 failed ivf later I'm stimming for my second cycle. I didn't get any side effects of the clomid probably because it was doing jack to help at least your feeling it that's definetley a good sign fingers crossed x

flixy102 Fri 07-Sep-12 10:14:58

Hi mands, welcome to the hut.

Going to get my bloods done today, hoping I won't have to wait too long for the results and that they show an improvement. Going for a nice wee lunch with DH first tho!

Mands81 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:57:05

Thanks flixy and pinkapples smile these forums really do help. Flixy hope the bloods went ok yesterday and pinkapples I wish you lots of luck with your 2nd cycle.
What a lovely sunny day, whatever you're all up to I hope you have a great day.
Scan on Tuesday, definitely feeling more positive now. Going to chat to them about my side effects of clomid and whether there's any different treatments we can try maybe.
Take care x

flixy102 Sat 08-Sep-12 10:19:09

Been in work since 7 am so I'm sleepy today! Looking forward to a nice glass of wine later and some nice nibbles too, mmmmm.
Had my bloods done yesterday, doc said he would phone with the results early next week and discuss them with me and if i need/want to see him again then I can.

Mands81 Sun 09-Sep-12 11:25:49

Hope everyone's doing ok.
Heading to a baby shower now, wish me luck!
Have a good day x

summerintherosegarden Sun 09-Sep-12 18:04:21

Ooh new thread. Just typed out a long post for the old thread, woops!

Anyway - welcome to Mands - I'm a few months behind you, will start clomid tonight.

I don't feel very hopeful at all...we asked the nurse about the 25% of women who the drug doesn't work for and she told us 'the most severe cases' and then a few minutes later admitted that I was a very severe case.

I know that believing it will work and staying positive is really important, but right now I'm just a bit hmm

Mands, I hope the baby shower wasn't too depressing for you, I think hearing about friends' pregnancies is actually the hardest thing about infertility because it is so bittersweet and that makes you feel guilty and so on.

Chair, when we went for the first gynae appointment they took more bloods and did a chlamydia test so we had to go back again about a month later for this one when they gave me the clomid, so it wouldn't have mattered whether DH had his SA done already or not. Yours' might be different of course but they'll probably just want to run a couple more tests on you and talk through all the stages of treatment. I hope it goes well.

Ok, off for some wine and a DVD I think. Big pyjamas and slippers on.

pinkapples Sun 09-Sep-12 18:19:45

Evening all how was the baby shower? Not to bad I hope?

Been to my mums for dinner tonight theyve just taken down a wreck of a shed and ate having a beautiful patio with walls and a mini maze type thing more discussion about how th grand kids will be able to ride their bikes on it etc etc fingers crossed this one works makes me sad everytime they talk about it sad

Home now bath and tv with hubby no wine for me or beer for hubby I've banned him till egg collection not that it matters much but it makes me feel better grin

Vimto it is then gringrin

Mands81 Mon 10-Sep-12 19:13:53

Hi all hope you're all ok?
Baby shower was hard. Even harder that it was my best friends. She text to ask what was wrong with me as I didn't seem happy. I tried so much to be 'normal'. Difficult when I'm over the moon happy for her but being surrounded by pregnant bumps and little babies was sad
Anyway the world doesn't stop turning!
Scan tomorrow. Going to ask about alternative treatments to clomid. Could have sworn I had ovulation signs a few days back but don't want to get hopes up.
Hope you're all ok, good luck with anything that's happening this week x

delilahbelle Mon 10-Sep-12 19:37:07

Hi Mands

Baby showers are sucky aren't they? Last one I went to I dressed up to the nines - at least feeling glam when surrounded by 3 pregnant people and umpty million mums all talking babies let me feel more in control. I left early too and came home and had an argument with DH.

2 weeks until my blood test, just waiting now. Work very busy so that keeps my mind off things - although I do find myself daydreaming that this time it works.

I am already planning for this cycle to fail though. We have a massive trip to Australia/NZ planned for 18months time, and a couple of smaller holidays as well, and then it will be forward with the adoption route for me.

pinkapples Mon 10-Sep-12 19:48:02

sad for the baby shower mands I'm lucky I guess I don't have any friends so don't get invited anywhere smile

Scan on Friday to check the size of the follies fingers crossed the egg collection next week smile hopefully

Busy at work so mind stays firmly off babies and ttc (an odd comment from
Someone working in a children's nursery) but I know I can give the bad ones back at the end of the day grin

ChairOfTheBored Mon 10-Sep-12 20:43:03

Hi Mands - welcome to the hut. I'm pretty new round these parts too, it's v useful, and good to have a place where no matter how bonkers I feel I'm being, others (probably) understand. Baby showers are grim at the best of times, and I'm sorry this one was even harder for you.

Thanks for the advice on the first appointment Summer, I wasn't sure if they would do any poking about at this stage...

flixy102 Mon 10-Sep-12 21:01:10

Oh goodness, so many people saying stuff that I totally identify with in the hut this evening! Mands your so brave going to a baby shower, I don't think I could do it!

infamousmrsjones Tue 11-Sep-12 10:05:43

Hi everyone new to the Mumsnet forums. Wanted somewhere to get off my chest all the crap about IVF where people actually understand. So good to read the posts and realise you're not the only one going through all this. After what seems like a lifetime finally at egg collection stage!!!!! Had scans almost every day as the cells just weren't getting much bigger. Praying and praying that this works, found the whole process difficult enough not sure I could deal with the rejection of it not working! So sad to hear when IVF doesn't work for people. Hope you're all having a good day smile.

flixy102 Tue 11-Sep-12 10:05:53

I've stupidly pulled muscles in my back turning and flipping our king size mattress by myself so am off work today and on the sofa resting up. Plenty of time stalking browsing mumsnet. grin

For reasons I can I only attribute to taking lots of painkillers, I somehow found my way onto the silvercross website and have chosen my pram and car seat for the non existent child I'm having! Oh dear.........blush

Mands81 Tue 11-Sep-12 18:58:08

Hi everyone, good day? Flixy hope your backs ok?
Just back from scan. No follicles again and not ovulated sad going to triple dose of clomid despite depression side effects. We have to as triple is the highest dosage they'll do so if I don't do it I'll always think what if... At least I can plan for my 'low' days. If triple dose doesn't work then back to consultant, maybe laparoscopy to check tubes not blocked? Anyone had this? Then the nurse mentioned other treatments to get me ovulating, injections maybe? Feel ok, we have decided to take everything step by step in hope our positivity will stay.
Just wanted to say I know we're all at different stages of various treatment, with good news and bad but can't believe how much this helps - reading your stories and just venting! So thank you grin
Take care, I'm here to help if I can x

pinkapples Tue 11-Sep-12 19:55:10

Welcome infamous woohoo for egg collection I should be there next week go for a day 10 scan on Friday grin

Sorry to here that mands you seem to be taking the exact route I did not sure if that's a a good thing or not I guess I can support you'll hopefully you'll get there long before your at the stage I'm at. I had a lap and dye with diathermy last July which found nothing other than my enlarged pcos ovaries. Then 4 rounds of injections which weren't to bad to be fair. I got preggo on the last one but miscarried sad then moved onto ivf

Fingers crossed for you!

Mands81 Tue 11-Sep-12 21:04:13

Lap and dye with diathermy?! What's that pinkapples?!
Can I ask those of you who are under going IVF what treatment you tried before that?
Thanks everyone x

Mands81 Tue 11-Sep-12 21:04:51

Ps good luck infamous! smile x

summerintherosegarden Tue 11-Sep-12 21:11:31

Welcome infamous & good luck for the egg collection!

Sorry to hear about your scan today Mands. We were also told that if clomid didn't work the next step would be injections - they're the same injections that you get when you have IVF, so basically trying to produce lots of eggs rather than just one as clomid is supposed to.
But fingers crossed the triple dose will work for you and there'll be no need for that.

Well I just took my 3rd clomid pill, no side effects yet which I kind of view as a bad thing!

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