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ruthieruthuk Fri 17-Aug-12 20:04:53

Anyone here from Leeds? I been TTC for 16 months now, I had Laporoscopy and HSG and found out my tubes are damaged and coiled so chance of natural preg low, looking for people in similar positions, next step for me is IVF

SweetieDoesIt Sat 18-Aug-12 08:52:35

Hi ruthie I am from Leeds and just about to start IVF at Seacroft. We have been TTC similar amount to time but because I am 38 have been 'fast tracked' through the system.

All our results have been normal for tests and investigations, but I only have 2 follicles (there is another thread below I started) and was told egg reserves will be low and I should consider egg donation, but as the waiting list is a couple of years on the NHS I would lose my NHS funding.

So I am giving it a go on a short protocol cycle, starting after the Bank

ScarlettInSpace Sat 18-Aug-12 09:58:19

Hiya, I'm from Leeds but I don't live there anymore sad I miss it hugely! Still have a house there that my Mum lives in though, keeping my foot in so to speak wink

I lost a tube years ago and though they've said there's no obvious reason why I wouldn't eventually conceive naturally if I had the patience I had a low [4.22] AMH test a couple of months ago do they've progressed us straight to IVF whilst I'm still 35 -cos they think I'll have none left if I leave it any longer-- so I start down reg on 31st August

KittyMcAllister Sat 18-Aug-12 10:21:11

Just to let you girls know there is a wonderful forum for people undergoing fertility treatment at Leeds, the web address is

Loads of great advice & support there.

ruthieruthuk Sun 19-Aug-12 12:32:33

Hi everyone

KittyMcAllister - Thanks for the address, will check it out! I registered on there but got no confirmation email, or choice to put in my password of choice?

SweetieDoesIt - I am having treatment at Seacroft also, I attend my information evening on the 22nd, next week, and then my nurses appointment is on the 29th, how long were you waiting from your information evening before you were told to start treatment, it says about 4weeks on the website but is this from being referred by doctor or is that after seeing nurse? Is this your first cycle?

ScarlettInSpace - Where are you living now? We have thought about moving as Leeds are only offering one funded cycle where as other places get 2 or 3 and some don't even get any! So anyway we are going to have my first cycle in Leeds and cross this bridge if we come to it, its so unfair how it works!

Bye for now xx

SweetieDoesIt Sun 19-Aug-12 15:54:32

ruthie yes it is our first cycle. We went to our "results" appointment on 21st June, where we were referred for IVF, no Clomid or anything else, straight to short protocol IVF. There is no waiting list in Leeds and they start 40 couples per week - so off you go!!!

We went to the next open evening on 27th June (get there early as I was AMAZED how many people were there - standing room only). Our nurse appointment was due to be 10th July when we would be expected to start our treatment cycle at next AF. I felt I wasn't ready as the diagnosis came out of the blue to be honest. So I delayed the nurse appointment until 14th August so I could come to terms with things and be more mentally ready.

So we went to the nurse appointment and start at my next AF which starts over next weekend. I have to take the pill for a few days and start the injections on the Thursday, they like everyone to start the injections on a Thursday.

I would say you will start at the AF after your nurse appointment.

ruthieruthuk Mon 20-Aug-12 10:07:23

Hi SweetieDoesIt. Sounds quite fast then, and my next AF actually falls beginning of September so I might be starting as soon as then, wow, I'm a little worried as I'm not sure what to expect with it all, and my AF's have been a little strange and all over the place, last month was bleeding heavily after DTD around the time I was due AF so I thought was the start of my AF only for it to stop pretty much an hour or so later, I ended up coming on AF properly about a week and a bit later so I used that date for my CBFM monitor.

Thanks for the tip, will plan to get there early.

Bye for now xx

Didntitgoquick Sat 22-Sep-12 15:15:25

Hi ladies
I'm really keen to hear how you are getting on? I have had my first appointment at seacroft and awaiting my next cycle for the baseline scan - this cycle would have been great but the nhs nurse was on holiday!

Dh SA is up and down and may be an issue - they did say if blocked tubes the only option is IvF. My bloods etc all fine.

Ruthie - is there never an option of repair? The registrar advised they would be taken out and then IvF - but with one cycle I'm not sure how I feel about it. Need to wait for the baseline I guess.

Meanwhile I would like to share your journeys. Good luck xx

EllaBella80 Sat 18-Jun-16 19:06:49

Hi ladies!
I'm feeling very stressed about my first IVF cycle. At the moment I'm waiting for my appointment with the nurse. I'm very emotional and stressed. Is this normal? hmm

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