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Cyclogest (progesterone) from 7dpo- guaranteed success, right?

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caramelgirl Tue 24-Jul-12 14:22:07

So, we've been ttc for 18months after an instadiff for DD (almost 3). Do appreciate how v v lucky we were first time around. Had m/c at 5 w 15 months ago. Nothing since.
HSG clear, hormones good, SA great. Am 33, he's 32 and v grumpy about terrible cotton boxers I'm making him wear.
Been told to try cyclogest suppositories in case the fertilised egg is failing to implant. I have short (26 day) cycles, with sludgey spotting for a couple of days before.
After this it's Clomid for 3 months and then ARGC or Create.
We are eating v well, taking every supplement going, exercising etc. also I'm having weekly acupuncture- which I'm really enjoying. Working on visualisation too.
Anyone heard anything good re progesterone? All I'm reading alot of at moment is risk of MMC. Which isn't v feel good.
It'll do the trick, surely? A doctor told me so!

Bearhugs43 Thu 09-Aug-12 22:34:04

Are you charting? Do you know how long your luteal phase is? Your situation sounds similar to mine and I diagnosed luteal phase defect (6days) after much heartache whilst on waiting list for fertility clinic (GP was useless)

I had Cyclogest and it was awkward mucky stuff! That aside it also caused me a lot of stress as I was using it from ovulation to extend luteal phase - in cycles where I had not conceived this then led to withdrawal bleeding after the BFN that was exactly like my early mc's.

Anyway during this time I saw a homeopath who recommended a tailored version of the Liz Lalor programme (please google!). In one month my LP was back up to 14 days and was pg with dc3 by month 2 smilesmilesmile

Now pg with unplanned but now very much wanted dc4! smile

So I recommend a homeopath! Good luck grin

Bearhugs43 Thu 09-Aug-12 22:36:23

PS very sorry for tmi but if you do use cyclogest then insert them anally not vaginally. You can get up and about quicker and there is less discharge. SORRY but hth! smile

caramelgirl Tue 14-Aug-12 08:26:01

Thank you for taking the time to reply! DC4 sounds brilliant- think big families are so lovely.
Am already all over the rectal cyclogest- is grim but worth it.
Scored a BFP last week (first cycle on cyclogest), first full with acupuncture too) so have everything crossed and will continue with cyclogest until week 14 and acupuncture forever probably- or until money runs out!
Best wishes for your pregnancy and thanks again.

Chudders2012 Tue 22-Sep-15 21:06:00

I did a lot of research in to progesterone for early miscarriages after suffering two myself. There is an outline of the Cochrane review in to the matter here:

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first child after showing the research to my doctor and demanding he prescribe progesterone so I believe it works. I took it from the minute I found out I was pregnant this time - I had the doctor prescribe it for me before I got pregnant and had it in the cupboard waiting and ready! I have PCOS.

ranchgirl Sat 26-Sep-15 17:33:18

I had one failed ICSI with Cyclogest. BFP on second but currently unsure if it's still growing from last disappointing scan. I just them (both) vaginally before bed and use some panty liners in the day. They don't really bother me.

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