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clomid success?

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rachie12 Thu 05-Apr-12 20:03:46

Hi, im on my second month of 50g clomid hoping it works this time, i have been trying to become pregnant for 2 years now i already have a 3 year old daughter and they are not sure why im struggling to become pregnant again. I would love to hear some good news about clomid i dont think i can take anymore negative tests sad The hospital have only given me 3 months of 50g and said if it does not work they wont give me anymore! so i dont no what they do next. i havent really had many side effects from it just headaches. If anyone can let me know there experience that would be great thanks
Rach xxx

kerrylou84 Wed 25-Sep-13 13:57:25

Hi Lotty, yes I was tested for PCOS but all was negative. I was just told I wasn't ovulating but no reasons as to why.
I didn't go for my day 21 blood test as previous results have been really good, so I thought I didn't need to......but bloody typical this happens. I will definitely be going for bloods next month!

I don't know if any of you girls believe in this kind of thing, but I am going to see a spiritualist on Friday, so hoping they can give me a few answers. I am sceptical, but if they say something that is true then I will be a believer.

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