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clomid success?

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rachie12 Thu 05-Apr-12 20:03:46

Hi, im on my second month of 50g clomid hoping it works this time, i have been trying to become pregnant for 2 years now i already have a 3 year old daughter and they are not sure why im struggling to become pregnant again. I would love to hear some good news about clomid i dont think i can take anymore negative tests sad The hospital have only given me 3 months of 50g and said if it does not work they wont give me anymore! so i dont no what they do next. i havent really had many side effects from it just headaches. If anyone can let me know there experience that would be great thanks
Rach xxx

Perkins1 Thu 24-Jan-13 15:53:03

Hi just rang for my results and progesterone on day 23 was 67.4 so have ovulated but had negative opks since day 11?! Would it still be that high if I ov'd before day 11?

LittleBo80 dud u succumb to doing a hpt??


LittleBo80 Thu 24-Jan-13 17:48:54

That is a brilliant level Perkins1, you trumped me! It would certainly still be that high if you were pregnant...I know this for sure because, being the most impatient person in the world I did a HPT at about 3am on Wednesday morning...and got a beautiful, amazing, wonderful BFP!! Did another in the evening and the same again!! I know that it is massively early days but I am so excited and grateful and...well, completely gobsmacked actually - feel incredibly lucky! Weird thing though, am on cycle day 24 and both tests came back 'Pregnant 3+' which means 3+ weeks since conception, and 5+ weeks pregnant, which is physically impossible since I did not ovulate last month and only started clomid this time on January 1st...anyhoo, a positive is a positive and I am one happy lady - I have my fingers crossed that you get the same result, how amazing would that be? but, even if not this month, 67.4 is an awesome number so you should be so pleased xxx

Perkins1 Thu 24-Jan-13 20:48:02

OMG wow LittleBo80!! Mega congratulations! I'm so pleased for u and your DH!

Im on cd26 but not sure whether AF might be en route as had the odd twinge in my back.....I have thought about testing cos if I did ovulate before cd 11 I'll be 16dpo but I'm too chicken ha ha!

Dont worry about the no. of weeks, point is ur preggars! Keep us posted so we have something to aim for if we need a few more goes ;)

Sending sticky vibes xx

SarahJ23 Fri 25-Jan-13 10:23:38

Has anyone other than me been on clomid for over 6 month with no joy? x

LittleBo80 Fri 25-Jan-13 14:55:35

Thank you so much Perkins1, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and am wishing and wishing to keep hold of this gorgeous little bean.

If there is no sign of AF by the end of the weekend you should test...who knows, it could be a lucky week for us both.

Happy weekend x

Perkins1 Sat 26-Jan-13 16:52:02

Hope so!

Hi SarahJ23, I'm only on my 1st round of Clomid. What advice is ur doc giving? Have u been monitored/had bloods done to check that it's doing what it should?


SarahJ23 Sat 26-Jan-13 19:11:59

I only had my bloods tested once on day 21 the first month on them, I had no joy in the 6 months so wated to get an appointment and when to see them a week ago they said that I could do another 6 months or IVF. They said that I responded well to 50mg clomid as my blood test was over 20 so they didn't want to up my dose of clomid, I'm just getting so frustrated now, it appears I'm ovulating and myself and hubby are doing everything at the right time ( his count is very good) but nothing is happening still, I just don't know what to do now sad they said that is all they can do for me so I guess if it doesn't work in the next 6 months it's IVF next. x

Perkins1 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:53:32

Morning my BFP this morning! (though only says 1-2 weeks so trying to remain calm and level headed as its v early days). Im on CD29 so planning on testing a few more times in the coming week! Fingers crossed xx

Hi Sarah, I dont know what to suggest....maybe see if ur doc could do an internal ultrasound to check ur follicles this time around? Another blood test to check ur still responding well perhaps? U have to badger some doctors to get anything out of them. Dont lose faith, u'll get there xx

LittleBo80 Mon 28-Jan-13 08:07:14

Oh Perkins1 that is amazing news! I had a good feeling! Keep testing, the more positives you get, the more exciting it becomes! take care xxx

cm201085 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:56:33

Hi fellow ttc'rs.
Well I am demented at min.
My partner and I have been ttc for 2years now.
I am now on my 4th round of 50mg of clomid.
My 1st scan and 1st round of clomid was suppsedly working well with a folicil of 18mm and on 3rd scan I had ovulated and I also got a blood test which confirmed I had ovulated.
Although still nothing...I dont know what elsewe can do or change.
I am doing my temp in morning, I am also using ovulations tests and of course having sex. smile but still nothing. sad

Anyone got any advice of anything else we can do, apart from wait and see lol.

cm201085 Mon 28-Jan-13 21:04:54


I know exactly how you are feeling although im only 4months into it.
I only got scanned the 1st month too and supposedly I responded well to it too.
Although I feel like how can I have responded well if im still not preg - you know?

looseleaf Mon 28-Jan-13 21:13:28

I really remember what that feels like and was giving up hope after 3 years ttc when it worked out for us on month 5 of clomid. I really hope you'll have some good news as it's at least encouraging the scans looked good, they did for me too so seemed a question of time but it's hard to keep positive. I also didn't know at the time but I have wheat intolerance and now no longer eat it- I don't know how common this is but interestingly I think i read it can be associated with unexplained infertility. Wishing you all the best

cm201085 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:32:04

Thanks looseleaf...
I am going to see the Gyn nurse on Thur and see if they can up my clomid or scan again to make sure 50mg is still working...
Im hoping it going to be like my driving test...4th time lucky lol.

What age is your baby now?

looseleaf Tue 29-Jan-13 11:15:09

18 months and every day i feel how lucky we are. Really hoping you won't have long and keep us posted as I remember so clearly how long waiting felt and our aense of expectation and disappointment each month.

cm201085 Tue 29-Jan-13 21:35:13

Hey looseleaf...
just getting ur message. Awh 18 months...I cant wait I hope its not much longer either lol.
Did u do iui or just the clomid? x

Littlemissworrier Wed 30-Jan-13 16:04:41

Hi Everyone.

Well ive got to say this is all very new to me, im confused and ive got to say very scared as I am a born 'little miss worrier'.

After years on the pill etc with very up and down periods, I came off the pill at the biggining of summer and my periods did'nt return. Being the worrier i am I went to see my gp and following my first period 6 months later in Nov I was delighted! Gp however took blood samples on day 21 and they showed I wasnt ovulating. My Gp would'nt help as we have only been trying 6 months and said they cant reffer me for another year. Knowing my progesterone levels are really low and im not ovulating I could not leave it there so we have gone private.

Very overwhelming exerience for me. But we have been this week, both had blood tests, partner has had a sperm check and im going back within 14 days of my next period for a scan to check my tubes are ok. Providing the sperm and tubes are OK i will be on clomid ready to take after the next period.

Just praying now that I have a period in Feb so I can have the scan and then another period in Mar so I can start clomid.

Very worried and a little scared. Anyone else gone through all these checks?? how quickly does clomid usually kick in the first time its used?


cm201085 Thu 31-Jan-13 23:26:50

I think you are starting off on the same process I did.
Are you getting a lap and dye to see if your tubes are blocked etc?
If so I got one although I got put to sleep for it as he wanted to also check I had no endometriosis.

My tubes were fine and I had the start of endometriosis which he lasered away.

Then I got put on Provera to bring my period on as they are so irregular and then the clomid on the 2nd day of bleeding.

I am now on my 4th round of clomid and nothing yet sad,
Hopefully this time it may work (fingers xd).

I went to see the Dr today as I wanted to ask some questions and see if there was anymore I could be doing although there isnt except hope n wait haha.

She did tell me I am on the waiting list for IUI which I should start in June/July.


Littlemissworrier Sat 02-Feb-13 15:21:13

Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes they are putting the dye in to check not blocked and also checking my partners sperm. I dont have any reson to think anything wrong with either so fingers crossed we are just checking to rule out then we can start clomid anf hopfully start these eggs off grin)

The most frustrating thing is like you my periods are only just coming back so they are so irregular and i now have to wait for a period so i can have the scan within the first 14 days of it coming, then all being well wait for the next period so i can finally start clomid! sounds simple but i need 2 period to get started and thats not nessasarly 2 months for me grin((((

Just praying i have a period in the next couple of weeks.

They havent offered me anything to bring on a period, how did that work?

Aw bless you well round 4 for you, hope you get joy, looking at most feeds, round 3 onwards seem to be most successful?


Littlemissworrier Sat 02-Feb-13 15:22:46

ps that 2nd smiley was a sad sad one xxxxx

Perkins1 Sat 02-Feb-13 17:47:06

Hi ladies, seems my bfp wasn't meant to be as I got my period this morning sad I'll be starting round 2 of Clomid tomorrow. .....and having a big fat glass of wine tonight! X

Littlemissworrier Mon 04-Feb-13 09:54:50

Perkins, hope you enjoyed the wine and don't give up lets hope February (month of love??)

Sorry for all of my questions I know I have already posted allot above, this is all just so new to me and im not familiar with the fertility jargon yet either, i need a lesson, ha ha

Bit of a funny question but as my periods are a bit all over over (7 weeks inbetween for last one) im not sure when I would be ovulating, can anyone help with this??? also can we use clear blue ovulation tests on clomid? worth while??
Its ok getting the clomid and the eggs sorted but its all got to tie in with the sex, grrrrrr!! how oftern are you ladies doing it?? I dont want it to turn into 'right we NEED to have sex now', but suppose even if just I knew when was best I could stimulate it without discussing it in depth! We d have a heathly sex life anyway but as im only going to be on clomid 6 months I dont want to miss the boat because of timing after all this effort.

Anyone help with this?? sorry all new and a bit confusing for me x

Littlemissworrier Mon 04-Feb-13 09:58:02

Ooooh also cm201085, my period (based on 28 days) is sue today, im really not convinced it will even come this week. Desperate to have it so I can have my scan then another to start clomid.

However if tehy dont come can I just ask for that drug you had to start your periods off? how did that work? did you use that then straight onto clomid? x

Perkins1 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:47:13

Hi Littlemissworrier, yes u can use the clear blue ovulation tests whilst on Clomid (opk's in ttc jargon!). When they detect ur LH surge u get a smiley face (digital tests) and u should ovulate 12-36 hours later according to the instructions. We try to get jiggy every other day or every 2 days anyway but it is hard, especially if ur feeling under the weather or are tired after a long day in work. U can take ur temp every day and do a bbt chart but u'll have to Google that cos I don't do it. I do have the Fertility Friend app to track my periods/meds etc....they reckon ur period comes c14days after ovulation so if u can spot a pattern with ur periods u may be able to work it back to guestimate coming months. I think the drug to bring on ur period is Provera and I would certainly ask ur doctor about it....this waiting game is long enough!

Not given up quite yet but my iron did feel the brunt of my anger when af arrived, especially after getting 3 positive hpt's during last week! Onwards and upwards with round no. 2 and a new iron methinks!


leanne1405 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:09:36

hi ladies, i am also on clmoid i have just finished me first round of clomid last week, so i am hoping to get some good news soon.

Littlemissworrier Tue 05-Feb-13 11:30:39

Perkins, thank you SO MUCH! that is really really useful.

Good luck with round 2 - February I feel could be your month grin) At this rate if this blinking period doesnt come soom it will be April/May until I can even get started - grrrrr!! no harm in keep trying naturally though I suppose.

Leanne - good luck, hope you get good news soon too x

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