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clomid success?

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rachie12 Thu 05-Apr-12 20:03:46

Hi, im on my second month of 50g clomid hoping it works this time, i have been trying to become pregnant for 2 years now i already have a 3 year old daughter and they are not sure why im struggling to become pregnant again. I would love to hear some good news about clomid i dont think i can take anymore negative tests sad The hospital have only given me 3 months of 50g and said if it does not work they wont give me anymore! so i dont no what they do next. i havent really had many side effects from it just headaches. If anyone can let me know there experience that would be great thanks
Rach xxx

Littlemissworrier Wed 19-Jun-13 18:03:17

Sorry silly iPhone! That's was back at 'doctors' yesterday and every day since 'finding out' xx

dprecious Sat 22-Jun-13 11:01:50

hi ladies. Hope everyone is fine. Sarah how are you and m00gieb how are you too? Auuch! My ears are Itching for your bfp. Have you tested yet. Just lurking in. I'm on cd 11. Cycle usually 31 days. When do i start using opk ? Have a lovely weekend everyone.

m00giebaby Sat 22-Jun-13 18:16:47

Hello ladies,
Hope all is well...... No dprecious i havent tested yet.. I know its shocking!!!! I cant believe it myself. Im soooo not looking forward to the result. I just have this feeling that mother nature on her way.. I sometimes think that I feel different in a weird way but I guess thats just me being over the top on 'sympton spotting'. Its enough to drive me crazy!!!. Monday had severe cramping had to have a long soak then bed. i couldnt do nothing except lay down. But the following morning all ok. Just get a little now and again.... Im eating like a horse!!!! but i do that near period anyway.. Im now 15dpo. am I correct in saying AF should arrive around 14dpo? will give another day or so.......

I was reading posts on this site which urged me to start opk's early and I was so glad I will never forget it. I was getting slight cramping but just put it down to clomid. Read a few ladies ovulated early I ran upstairs used the stick and that was it a big smiley face..... I could have easily missed it... So If I was you I would start now. Clomid can play with your ovulation timing.....

Any more good news out there????

Thinking of you all............

nay88 Sun 23-Jun-13 05:46:08

Hi Girlies,
Our first round of clomid was successful that I ovulated but we did not conceive I ended up having a 31 day cycle so I ovulated later which was unpredicted as with my daughter we conceived on Cd 12. I did forget to take a tablet one morning and ended up taking it the next day oops lol. Hope you lovely ladies are hanging in there I'm excited to bring on round two smile I'm cd 4 taking clomid 2-6 so it's early on but hoping its a positive month and no more forgetting clomid tablets for me lol!!!!!

SarahJ23 Sun 23-Jun-13 07:19:54

Hello everyone, so far so good still everything is still ok I'm 6 and half weeks now smile still feeling sick on and off but not been sick, gone off sweet things even the smell of chocolate makes me feel ill, I have been getting cramps but on and off late in the day have been told that's normal as long as I do t start spotting again so fingers crossed, good luck to everyone for this month smile x

dprecious Mon 24-Jun-13 16:45:10

hi ladies. Hope everyone is good. Happy to hear things ar ok sarah. Nay88,did you use opk and on what day did you get +, what day did you do day 21 test to confirm ovulation?

Zee27 Tue 25-Jun-13 09:28:02

Hi ladies! Just a quick question for anyone who had the injection to make you ovulate, how long did you wait until you tested to see if your pregnant? I'm worried I might get a false positive

m00giebaby Thu 27-Jun-13 05:14:18

hello Ladies..... Mother nature decided to pay me a visit... My period came Sunday. I was sooooo p....d off. Its the waitng and hoping.. its so draining but we have to keep positive..... Anyway, started round 2 of clomid days 2-6 having some unpleasant side effects. Feeling sick and headaches. but I seem to be managing. Just saw my brother and sister in law yesterday. I havent seen them for a while. My eyes just focussed on her baby bump... it hurts so much, but I know one day that will be us ladies!
Good news- went to our IVF consulatation on Monday. It was really good I was shocked at how fast things are moving. I always thought there would be a wait. They said I could have started the IVF process or give clomid one last go. We decided on clomid hopefully LUCK will pay us a visit second time round..... If not then IVF it is. Our consultant said the whole process will take about 6 weeks....

So for now ladies remember our little miracles are waitng for the right time to make an appearance. They will come to us all......

Sarah- its so great that you keep posting... Your comments keep us positve..

KW87 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:41:46

hi ladies im waiting right now too. we didnt do clomid or any opt test this month. we wanted to try naturally, i think i ovulated and my temp has been up. pp should arrive on july 2. will keep u all posted, i think i will try 2-6 next month since ive been doing 5-9.

keep hopes up ladies.

Choccywoccydodah Thu 27-Jun-13 19:59:01

Not read through the thread, but thought I'd comment.

My friends have been trying for a baby since January 2011 without success. Nothing wrong with either of them.
She started her fertility drugs last year and finished them in December, due to start ivf in April (I think that's correct, I don't know how it all works). They came over Friday and told us she was pg!! Over the moon! AND it's twins! They think the drugs were still in her body, as she caught end of march.
They were still in shock with the twin thing as they'd literally come to us straight from their first scan!

Good luck x

ShamelessInTheCountry Fri 28-Jun-13 12:01:07

Hi all
Really happy to report that on my 2nd month of Clomid, having upped myself from 50mg to 75mg this month, I got my BFP Wednesday night!!
Still pretty shocked it's finally happened, and just trying to wait and see as it's early days, thankfully getting an early 6-8 week scan so waiting for that...
For all who ovulate and wonder whether Clomid's worth a try, I've always ovulated regularly, even showing good 20mm follicle on scans mid cycle but its taken us since April 2012 to finally get a first BFP so I would say definitely give Clomid a try, even on a low dose... I was sceptical as even my gynae said he didn't know why it worked for women who already ovulate but seemingly it does so here you go... For me Clomid (I've only done 2 months mind) lengthened my cycle from 25-27 days and boosted my progesterone from an average of 27 on day 19-21 right up to 43, all positive changes, and things I felt might have been stopping us getting pregnant.

The other thing is that this month we had taken steps to go for IVF, I'd ordered all the packs etc and been approved for referral so I was feeling mega relaxed about everything because I thought either way it's going to happen whether naturally or through IVF, win win, I just felt a lot more positive and hey presto! This month randomly is also the first month I never got a positive ovulation pee test, even with the sensitive clear blue ones, and we didn't even have sex on day 14, which every other month I've been manic about pinning my partner down on. So all I guess I'm saying in hindsight is IF you feel you can one month, and I totally understand if you feel you can't, I just mean it might be worth a try, is to maybe forget the ovula tests one month and just have sex regularly throughout the month (I know this is easy to say as my cycle was never longer than 27 days, not so easy bonking away if you have a really long cycle but every other day is great for your relationship at least!)
Also we stopped doing the whole legs in the air thing a while ago, I just always tried to stay in bed for half an hour and chill after.
I also have no side effects at all, except slightly sore nipples, I always thought I'd 'know', but like my acupuncturist said, no honey you probably won't! I only tested on eve of day 26 as I hadn't started to come on which was very rare by then, I'd actually had a tiny bit of spotting morning of day 24 so was convinced AF was coming and was peeved. I also carried on drinking, not getting shit faced but way more than 2 units put it that way this month, and exercised quite a bit, after months of doing v little and barely touching a drop post ovulation. This month, as the weather was so nice, I just thought screw it, I can't put my life on hold forever. So there you go, sometimes when you least expect it!

Really hoping this BFP spreads like wildfire to everyone trying on this thread, and hoping this sticks big time, much love, Shameless xx

KW87 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:41:19

congrats shameless!!!!!! that is so exciting. so happy for you. i did the same this month we decided not to do any more ov tests. we are just having sex everyday after last pill. my hubby says more sex yay! lol.

thank u for the encouragment.

we are waiting for my period to star next course.

did u do 2-6 or 5-9 days?

fIngerscrossed123 Fri 28-Jun-13 19:04:56

Congratulations to u guys , really lovely to hear possitive stories x I was ausposed to start my first round of clomid the 24th but unfortunately I randomly had a fit on the evening of the 22nd so I decided to leave it this month as I wasn't sure what was going on with my body and a little concernd about the side effects from clomid . The doctors hve said that its good to go with the clomid , but part of me is scared as if it doesn't happen for us in the 3 months worth of tablets i feel like my only hope I had is over . It's so hard because iv been trying a year and 4 months and then when they give u tablets I'm to scared to take them sad
Has many people had many side effects from them?

ShamelessInTheCountry Sat 29-Jun-13 07:15:17

Thanks a lot guys. I wish I'd done it sooner KW87 to be honest.
Funnily enough my friend sent me an article this week about this 'natural fertility' dude who is really against all the concentrated sex around the ovulation time, he thinks it puts way too much pressure on this mid-cycle time, stresses you out, and then the guy's penis basically isn't used for the rest of the month which isn't great... hehe. I can obviously see the argument for both sides as I used ovu tests most months and if you have a long cycle or are irregular it must be a frickin nightmare, but sometimes I think you could even miss having sex because it doesn't show you're ovulating so you don't bother and actually the test was wrong...
I was told to take it 2-6, I took it at night with dinner and didn't get side effects except for strong ov pain. I took 50 mg first month, then I upped it myself to 75mg 2nd month.
Go for it fingerscrossed if your docs said it's ok, you can get another 3 months if the first 3 don't work surely? 6 months is standard, though i don't know your medical situ obv.
I only got jawline spots which are hormonal apparently and strong ovu pain which was helpful...

Ricepudd Sat 29-Jun-13 20:21:47

Awesome news Shameless! That's 3 positive stories recently, really hope there's more to come soon!

m00giebaby Sun 30-Jun-13 09:49:00

Thats excellent news......Shameless, thanks for the advice, it all makes sense. Im so happy for you..
Just finished my last tablet on round two Friday night. had some horrible side effects this time but I guess i just got on with it... I hope this is the month my heart aches for it sooooo much. Im know its the same for you all......
If not will be starting IVF following cycle...

wishing evryone the best of luck and sending mountains of baby dust to everyone......

fIngerscrossed123 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:47:04

Thanks shameless , I love reading everyone's supportive words , its nice to talk to people that know excatly what your going through and how much it takes over your life, friends and family just don't understand x
I got my blood test back 2day and the consultant said they were 2.5 and it should be around 30 so I will be taking clomid as soon as its calender day 2, she said to me to not worry about the side effects as its a very low percentage of people that get them . (I was just worried it was to close to when I had the fit , but they have run test and think it was the pain from a ovarian cycst that had burst sad
Oh well not getting my hopes for this month , il just enjoy reading everyone eles lovely comments xxx
Good luck everyone smile

ShamelessInTheCountry Tue 02-Jul-13 10:52:20

Thanks for your kind words guys.
I couldn't believe the difference clomid made to my bloods fingerscrossed, my prog doubled, definitely helped or made the difference I think for me, and I was on the lowest dose. Presume you're getting monitored well for your first month?
Now relax, think positive - you're all being productive and taking action, keep busy and have loadsa sex ;)

KW87 Wed 03-Jul-13 18:31:25

hey ladies, i am a day late now but preg test was negative. keeping fingers crossed because temp is still up a degree. my cycle was 31 days so i am hopefull.

fIngerscrossed123 Wed 03-Jul-13 20:55:34

Hi kw87 , iv got my fingers and everything crossed for you hun xx

ShamelessInTheCountry Wed 03-Jul-13 21:47:37

Everything crossed for you kw87, seriously hoping for you big time!!! Xx

SarahJ23 Thu 04-Jul-13 20:09:56

Fingers crossed x

fIngerscrossed123 Sat 06-Jul-13 06:28:51

Hi everyone , I'm trying not o get my hopes up but its the first time iv had a possitive ovulation test yesterday smile
Iv been doing them for months and had nothing , so not sure if the laporoscopy and hysteroacopy had anything to with this in may? Or I'm just lucky ? Just praying that its our lucky month xxx smile
Sending lots of good luck to everyone out there xxxx

KW87 Tue 09-Jul-13 21:59:25

hi ladies, unfortunetly i got my period after a 35 day cycle. started clomid 3-7 and see if that works better.

so dissapointed but have to keep positive.

baby dust too all

Ricepudd Fri 12-Jul-13 19:21:03

Hey everyone, still no luck for me, just waiting for my next app at the fertility clinic in sept. got some good news this week though, I am clear of thrush and my ovarian cyst has disappeared! Fingers crossed that sounds like really good news for you! Looks like clomid is good for you!! Wishing everyone all the best! X

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