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How long to wait?

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pinkapples Sun 16-Oct-11 11:33:54

How long do you reckon you could wait until looking into adoption? I'm not there yet but I just wondered

delilahbelle Sun 16-Oct-11 12:50:18

We started TTC informally when I was 25.
With real zest when I was 26/27.
28-31 were spent on the IVF wheel.

Now that has all failed... we are relaxing and trying to enjoy life, and are planning to make the initial inquiries in spring/summer next year.

BUT - we have also decided to possibly move/I am job hunting, so it depends how that changes our life in the next 6 months - starting adoption may be pushed back until the end of next year.

I think that some places prefer you to be well past TTC before you look into adoption - certainly true in my case!

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