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2nd consultant appt - advice / insight required

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cookiemonster100 Mon 10-Oct-11 18:31:44

Hi all,

TTC for 2 yrs, no joy.

I had an appt with hospital in the summer, only to find out the GP had not done all the test (e.g. day 2 blood test). So i have done them all now and going back in this week.
I want them to check my tubes are not blocked. Speaking to a friend who has used the same consultant, and she got put on Clomid without checking her tubes. Personally whats the point of putting me on Clomid if it transpires my tubes are blocked?!

My question, can I insist they check my tubes (NHS appt) if they don't reccomend it? Anyone else been in a similar circumstance?

Also apart from the blood tests, scans and smears etc, what else do they need to investigate before advising the next course of action? I feel I keep going back to either the GP / Consultant for another round of investigations when I am now getting to the point where I wish someone would make a decision on a course of action of helping me get pg!!
Thanks for reading

thaliablogs Mon 10-Oct-11 19:32:51

They should do an hsg (to check tubes) before putting you on clomid, but they may not. I would have a go at insisting but it doesn't bode well that they haven't sent you for one already as it should be in the first round of test before you see the consultant. Based on this first set of results, and depending on your age, they will decide best course of action. In my PCT consultants don't do clomid, it would have been tried by your GP first, but your PCT may differ.

I'd check what 'good' results look like before you go the appointment so that you can ask questions in the moment. Did they do AMH as well as FSH? Has your husband been checked?

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