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What's wrong with me then?

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lenore123 Wed 14-Sep-11 18:41:20

Me and my bf have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. We're both on the old side (I'm 36, he's 34). I've had a blood test which has confirmed that I'm ovulating although our GP had to look up the results on Google scholar while we were in the surgery which didn't fill me with massive amounts of confidence in his abilities to be honest. He said the test results were '39' and after about 10 minutes of surfing declared that to be within normal range. My partner has also had a sperm count and that's come back normal. But still no pregnancy. We have a relatively healthy lifestyle and a healhy sex life but don't obsess about when I'm ovulating as i think if there was one thing that could put you off sex it would be the "come home quickly I'm fertile" phone call! I work in an office which is 90% women approx half of which are always pregnant all the time which is going to get a person down isn't it.

So my question is this...I've got a doctors appointment next week to discuss what happens now and i wondered if there was anything I should be asking for, if not demanding. I tend to be intimidated by my GP although admittedly less so since the Google scholar incident so I want to go in with all the information so he doesn't bamboozle me.

I'm sort of glad its something wrong with me though in a way as men tend to get a bit weird about their plumbing don't they.

Anyway, i started my period today, for the 22 consecutive month I might add so I'm off for my customary large glass of wine.

Seriously though, any help or advice anyone could give me would be very much appreciated.

Thanks. Lenore (not like the fabric softner that doesn't have an 'e' on the end,what on earth was my mother thinking when she saddled me with that moniker)

HaveALittleFaithBaybee Wed 14-Sep-11 19:05:25

Hi there.
I'd push for a fertility referral. My experience suggests GPs are great with chest infections/utis/chronic diseases but not so good with the more complicated stuff. At your age no offense you should have been referred ages ago. You need a Hsg to check your tubes aren't blocked.
Enjoy the wine I'm on cycle 22 myself.... sucks doesn't it?! I hope you cab move forward. Ask to see a gynae specialist. Hth.

Madly Wed 14-Sep-11 19:24:58

Gp's are usually wonderful but are just the gate-keepers of the nhs.

You really need to have a referral to a fertility expert and you would be wise to do that quickly and not let the months drag on.

The news so far is very good,your bf has a normal sperm count and you are There are many more tests that can be done to check where the problem (if there is one) may be.

You are not at all 'old' and your bf is definitely notsmile

Good Luck and by the way you have a beautiful name!

queenrollo Wed 14-Sep-11 19:33:43

'welcome' to the club. Not that we're happy about welcoming anywhere here but it's a great refuge and you'll find lots of support and advice here.

TTC nearly 2 years for me too, and i'm the same age as you. I do have a child already so know that my body can, which makes the 'why not now' a bit difficult.

Definitely need to push your GP for a referal to your local NHS fertility dept. I've been for my first appt (june) and had bloods, swabs and ultrasound done. Just waiting to get my HSG to see if it's a problem with my 'plumbing'.

good luck and head over to the 'Hut' thread, we're a friendly bunch smile

queenrollo Wed 14-Sep-11 19:45:41

that should be anyone not anywhere. and i realise that my phrasing is wrong - we're not happy that we need to welcome people in because we'd wouldn't wish infertility issues on anyone.

i'm going to give up now before I dig a deeper hole for myself.

where's the gin? grin

MiniH Thu 15-Sep-11 20:03:31

I would also ask what options are for fertility treatment in your pct. Good to get this up front as my pct pay for nowt and my referral was therefore not much help as not a lot they can do.

I should also introduce myself to the board as I'm new to this area - I'm minih, been ttc for 16 months (with not the faintest hint of anything), dh's SA seem to be the issue and am waiting for my hycosy next week. Waves hello!

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