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Fox Attack On Twin Girls

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saggyhairyarse Sun 06-Jun-10 19:57:21

I just read this on the 'Latest News' on BBC News but when I clicked on the headline there was no info.

I am shocked and hoping they are not seriously hurt.

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BAFE Sun 06-Jun-10 20:28:05

It's here

HurleySatOnMe Sun 06-Jun-10 20:29:56

Poor babies How on earth did a fox manage to attack the both of them at their home at 10pm? Do I assume they had been left outside unattended in a buggy? Surely a fox wouldn't manage to get inside?

BuzzingNoise Sun 06-Jun-10 20:32:01

Maybe a patio door was left open in the warn weather. Foxes can be pretty brave.

zandy Sun 06-Jun-10 21:07:07 e.html

This says the bedroom was left open for ventilation on a warm night.

Horrendous, isn't it. (The attack, not the window being left open).

zandy Sun 06-Jun-10 21:07:32

Effjay Sun 06-Jun-10 21:12:08

OMG we have foxes at the bottom of the garden in a burrow. Hardly ever see them though. Impossible to get rid of though (humanely) - even the council won't do anything about them.

coderrooo Sun 06-Jun-10 21:13:23

NOTHING to do with foxes in my bet

largeginandtonic Sun 06-Jun-10 21:18:45

Foxes are brazen here.

I have been in the garden at 4 in the morning playing tug of war with one of my chickens with one particularly huge fox.

I wash bashing it with a flip flop (all i had to hand)

I was stunned at how brave it was sad

dwpanxt Sun 06-Jun-10 21:23:41

While it sounds strange that a fox could go so far into a house, a couple of years ago I had an experience of one coming all the way into our house .It went through 2 adjoining rooms and along a hallway before coming to a halt in the living room doorway. I glanced round and ,thinking it was a neighbours cat ,leapt up to chase it away . It sped off with me in hot pursuit but when I arrived at the backdoor it simply stood and stared at me before walking off slowly.
Thankfully that was the only incident of such cheeky behaviour even though we have a large population of Foxes in this area.

dwpanxt Sun 06-Jun-10 21:25:25

But having said that I am inclined to agree with Coderrooo.

cyb Sun 06-Jun-10 21:25:36

I agree, nothing to do with foxes

In a simialr (but less tragic vein) my FIL claims a magpie flew down and stole his wedding ring off the bathroom window sill

ChuckBartowski Sun 06-Jun-10 21:26:32

Message withdrawn

whooosh Sun 06-Jun-10 21:28:54

Doesn't "smell right" to me.Fell terrible for the babies but would bet my boots it was nowt to do with foxes.

nancy75 Sun 06-Jun-10 21:28:54

i would think that an a&e dept could easliy tell if the wounds were caused by an animal or a person.

foxes living in citys are not afraid of people, i have, on a two occasions been unable to get in to my house due to a growling fox on the doorstep.

TheCrackFox Sun 06-Jun-10 21:31:45

I am reserving judgement on this one.

jillhastwoponies Sun 06-Jun-10 21:34:04


Dingo baby, anyone?

zandy Sun 06-Jun-10 21:39:57

What sort of things are you suggesting it might be, if not foxes? Child abuse? Family pet attack?

loungelizard Sun 06-Jun-10 22:16:57

I think there have been reports in the past of foxes being found curled up and asleep on beds etc, a la a family cat.

So it would be feasible that one could get in and 'attack' a child.

Nancy66 Sun 06-Jun-10 22:17:24

Did make me think of the Lindsay Chamberlain case.

I'm afraid my first instinct was that it wasn't a fox.

Hope I'm wrong.

Euro Sun 06-Jun-10 22:19:39

Foxes eat babies therefore the ban on hunting them should be overturned.

ChuckBartowski Sun 06-Jun-10 22:19:47

Message withdrawn

HurleySatOnMe Sun 06-Jun-10 22:21:23

Right you are euro hmm

LittleWhiteWolf Sun 06-Jun-10 22:24:23

But why would a fox attack to sleeping babies?
Foxes are brave to the point where they will come into houses and maybe not flee at the sight of humans, but they are scavengers at heart. They come to human dwellings for the purpose of scavenging food. Attacking two sleeping babies seems very un-foxlike to me.
Its very weird and I will keep my eye on this story as I agree with the previous posters who think there's more to this...

onepieceoflollipop Sun 06-Jun-10 22:24:31

Odd that the fox would attack both children imo. Perhaps they were sharing a cot? Maybe I am overly suspicious but surely the first child would have yelled/cried and alerted someone or startled the fox. Would be odd then for the animal to immediately go over to the next cot, surely?

Poor babies, whatever has happened to them. sad

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