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Make it nice and easy to understand hey???

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QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:00:37

"having information that they knew or believed might be of material assistance in securing the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of another person in the UK for an offence involving the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism, failed to disclose that information as soon as reasonably practicable to a constable"

That's what two sisters have been accused of re the london bombings - here

Now how many people here can honestly say that they understand all of that.

kid Thu 04-Aug-05 23:03:04

after reading it 2 or 3 times I think I understand it!

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:05:18

Yep, me too - actually that is pretty clear for legalese

QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:08:05

But why do they have to make legal jargon so blooming difficult? Imagine having that lot thrown at you 'verbally' by a police officer - I wouldn't have been able to give them any answers as I'd be spending the next 10 minutes trying to work out what they'd said/

Surely something along the lines of "witholding potentially vital information about the terrorist attacks from the police" might have been a little easier for all of those that don't have a degree in legal wotsits

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 04-Aug-05 23:12:55

It needs to be water tight so another legal professional can't help someone wriggle out on a technicality.

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:14:50

Yes they would say that, but in the formal charge they would have to use this all-encompassing language or risk it being thrown out for not doing so

Tinker Thu 04-Aug-05 23:15:42

It needs to attempt to cover every option.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:16:47

I know - just don't understand why what they tell the public (and probably the person being charged too) is so damned complicated

alexsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 23:18:45

because to dumb it down would be patronising?

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:19:34

because that is what they are charged with!

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:20:26

Imagine if they didn't have to - they could say

"well you have been very naughty girls" or something similar

they have to quote the letter of the law

QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:23:52

I don't see how making it easy for anyone being charged (regardless of education) to understand what they're being charged with is 'dumbing it down'.

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:24:59

~Surely it is their right to know what they are actually being charged with, not the interpretation of what they are being charged with of the person who is charging them IYKWIM

I'm sure they explained it in words of one syllable too.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:26:28

While I understand that when being charged they have to cover all 'aspects' of the law - I still don't understand the need to use the longest words in the dictionary to come up with the law in the first place

Tinker Thu 04-Aug-05 23:27:37

But they are the correct words. The accurate words.

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 23:28:09

QoQ face it, jurisprudence is not your bag

QueenOfQuotes Thu 04-Aug-05 23:33:31

Tinker - the English language is amazing you can't tell me that for all the "long" words that are written in the law books, there's no 'shorter' words which mean the same thing???

CD - I certainly conclude it is permissible not to acknowledge the phenomenon of the judicial dictionary

Tinker Thu 04-Aug-05 23:37:12

The words are not really that long are they? It's the sentence as a whole which makes it appear to be more complicated.

serah Fri 05-Aug-05 00:40:23

I think Queen of Quotes, that your dilemna over this matter could be dispersed, isolated, severed, and furthermore concluded by the statement commonly known as "the law is an ass" and a complicated one at that.

I understood it by the way because I work with legislation a lot, and that is bleeding impossible to understand too (unless you're me of course)

What was the prize for understanding it? Did I win???

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