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What exactly is a controlled explosion?

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Chandra Wed 03-Aug-05 01:01:37

Today York station was closed for a couple of hours after they found a "suspect package", a controlled explosion was carried on but I don't quiete understand (or maybe I don't want to...) does it mean it was really a bomb?

QueenOfQuotes Wed 03-Aug-05 01:04:12

No quite often they're just 'suspect' packages which are blown up under controlled conditions.

the vast majority of times it's not a bomb, they're just taking precautions.

Chandra Wed 03-Aug-05 01:08:53

I see, thanks

bobbybob Wed 03-Aug-05 04:01:27

A big boss in the company left his briefcase in a phone box off Bond Street in the early 90s. Was blown up as a controlled explosion - so probably not a bomb at all.

When I went for an antenatal check I saw a big sports bag in the car park, not near a car, nobody in sight - so I reported it to reception, carefully saying "unattended bag" so as not to upset anybody waiting - and the receptionist said "thank, I'll have a porter bring it inside". She proceeded to open it up to see if she could tell who it belonged to. I don't suppose it was likely that anyone would blow up a maternity ward in Christchurch, but then, who knows?

Chandra Wed 03-Aug-05 14:45:59

I was also wondering about luggage accidentally left in trains... does that means that from now on lost objects/forgotten lugagge offices in train stations are due to disapear? Hope this concvince DH to double check he has everything with him before jumping off the train...

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