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Free books to kids under 4

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madmarchhare Mon 01-Aug-05 16:12:02

Does anyone know if you have to apply or is it an automatic thing?

Aragon Mon 01-Aug-05 16:18:45

Hi madmarchhare,

We've been giving books out at the 8 month check for the last 3 years on and off (depending on if there is funding or not). The scheme is called Bookstart and was devised following some research by some Liverpool (I think) Health Visitors and Teachers who found that children from deprived families given books were better prepared for school (or something like that).

Bookstart followed this research and has been funded by various organisations such as Sainsburys etc in the last few years. It's been found to have a positive effect and so the Government are taking on the funding so there are not gaps.

In deprived areas such as where I work the children are given three or four different books and get them during visit from SureStart at 4 months and another lot at the 8 months check. However, in better off areas they only get one book.

I reckon when it's introduced they'll be given out during developmental checks by the health visitor.

katylou25 Mon 01-Aug-05 16:25:43

you get a free book if you register with the library when they're under 4 - don't know if thats same scheme or not am in wales so dont know if it is nationwide - we got an elmer one and DS loves it - says £5.99 on the back so bit of a bargain me thinks!!

starlover Mon 01-Aug-05 16:44:44

yes you'll get it at the 8 month check

starlover Mon 01-Aug-05 16:45:04

well.. the first lot anyway.

not sure about the middle one... but the last lot (when they're 5?) is from the library

madmarchhare Mon 01-Aug-05 18:01:09

DS is 20 mos and did get a book given by HV at 8 months check, which was a complete shock as I wasnt aware of Surestart at the time. I suppose I was just wondering if this was part of the same thing or something different.

Nemo1977 Mon 01-Aug-05 18:23:30

my ds[21mths] was given a bag with couple of free books in at 8mth check also had toothbrush and toothpaste in etc. I thought it was just automati thing.

whimsy Mon 01-Aug-05 19:03:27

Isn't this an extra thing they are starting. Yes, you get the books at the 8mth check but then I think 2year olds will be getting books in a back pack and 3-4year olds in some sort of Treasure box, that was the news report i saw last week anyway.

mummyhill Tue 02-Aug-05 11:35:19

Great if it takes off I remember geting one book when dd was tiny from bookstart with a message that she would get another book at 2 which never happened.

Hulababy Tue 02-Aug-05 20:31:26

DD recieved a free book (or two?) when she first joined the library - at around a year I think. Not recieved any others since. Ours was through Bookstart.

mummyhill Tue 02-Aug-05 21:29:27

We didn't get anything when we took out a library ticket for dd when she was 2. The book we got at 8 months was from bookstart though

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