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Gordon Brown caught on microphone calling voter a bigot

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longfingernails Wed 28-Apr-10 12:38:52

Message withdrawn

HumphreyCobbler Wed 28-Apr-10 12:41:15

this makes me closer to liking Gordon Brown than I ever thought I would be

He is allowed a private opinion, surely?

it is not surprising that we generally get mealy mouthed politicians, look what happens when we hear them speaking their minds grin

MarineIguana Wed 28-Apr-10 12:41:39

Sounds like she might have been somewhat of a bigot though. tbh I don't think most people will mind - or not those who are lefty enough to vote labour.

mumblechum Wed 28-Apr-10 12:43:11

Bit of a non-story, isn't it?

mollythetortoise Wed 28-Apr-10 12:44:13

i thought what he said was fairly low key - could have been much worse. I'd have been much more ranty!

pagwatch Wed 28-Apr-10 12:44:49

Was she Anne Bigot?

ninedragons Wed 28-Apr-10 12:44:54

Well his stock has certainly risen with me. Anyone who uses the words "immigrants flocking in" IS a bigot.

Shame he didn't have a John Prescott moment.

choppychopster Wed 28-Apr-10 12:46:25

I heard it on the radio just now. Bit unfortunate that his private conversation got caught on mic, but I agree that she seem rather bigoted.

lotster Wed 28-Apr-10 12:48:57

God, Jeremy Vine making too big a deal of it on Radio 2 - has left me cringing. Feel quite sorry for Gordon!

longfingernails Wed 28-Apr-10 12:49:49

Just listen to the full 5 minute exchange at the bottom of the Channel 4 piece.

She is certainly not a bigot - she just seems like a sweet old lady to me.

HumphreyCobbler Wed 28-Apr-10 12:50:01

Making a big deal out of stuff is what the media does.

lotster Wed 28-Apr-10 12:50:21

p.s. very unprofessional of Sky. If TV stations broadcast everything that got caught on mic's that were acidentally left on there'd be carnage!

Igglybuff Wed 28-Apr-10 12:51:02

That just shows Gordon is human. I'm suspicious when poiticians are forever trying to please everyone and end up pleasing no one.

WilfSell Wed 28-Apr-10 12:52:57

She was a bigot, though wasn't she, with her 'keep out the immigrants' nonsense? Good on Gordon!

Tories must be wetting their too tight pants.

A proper Malcolm Tucker moment though: I can just see them all in their back office punching each other over this.

WilfSell Wed 28-Apr-10 12:53:39

God, and I bet the tabloids will be fighting each other too to buy her off for an exclusive...

wannaBe Wed 28-Apr-10 12:59:24

She was a bigot.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 28-Apr-10 13:01:34

Good. She was a bigot.

flowerybeanbag Wed 28-Apr-10 13:01:41

Any chance it was a deliberate mistake in the style of Jed Bartlet from the West Wing criticising his opponent when the on-air light was on..? Probably not!

Francagoestohollywood Wed 28-Apr-10 13:02:41

This has made me lol grin, it looked like a sit comedy!
I like GB, btw

JimmyMcNulty Wed 28-Apr-10 13:03:44

I think one important point is being missed here.

Yes, she was a bigot. Yes, he has private views, he's entitled to express them in private and most of us probably agree with him on this one.

However, last week they said they were going to get him to meet 'real voters'. Today it turns out, however, that every meeting with a 'real voter' is set up ("I should never have been put with that woman"). He is angry at the aide who picked out this particular woman, and blames her that he didn't cope too well with it in front of reporters. He doesn't want to meet real voters - he wants carefully orchestrated shows for the media.

SpawnChorus Wed 28-Apr-10 13:07:06

Ha ha! Good on GB.

ahundredtimes Wed 28-Apr-10 13:08:54

Oh Jimmy, I expect this is what they all do. For security if nothing else? On 10 o'clock news they showed that when he did walk down the street, all that happened was that the press circled him, so people had to be pulled into the scrum.

Reporting is all about a 'flash of temper' - I didn't see that though. He was impatient at her saying she was ashamed of saying now she voted Labour when she used to sing the Red Flag and how immigrants had flooded in. She was a bigot.

I think the lesson to learn - is watch the how and why of SKY microphones very carefully if you're not David Cameron grin

thursdaynamechange Wed 28-Apr-10 13:10:02

Good, she's a bigot.

he was quite right to say the truth and should have said it louder.

Francagoestohollywood Wed 28-Apr-10 13:11:04

mmmmmmmmmmm JimmyMcNulty.... ring the Bunk and lets go for a beer smile

MarshaBrady Wed 28-Apr-10 13:13:43

Got radio 4 on, I did laugh.

I like him more now. Bit of oomph/personality.

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